Friday, September 07, 2007

Autumn Changes

Isaiah 40:8

"The grass withers,
The flower fades,
But the word of our God
stands forever.”

I recently travelled several hours from "the north woods" down to my home in east central Wisconsin. Driving along, I sipped my diet soda and smiled to myself, recalling how odd it seems that I, Southern California "born and bred" should end up in this rural, pastoral setting (ha--no pun intended).

Sitting on the rail fence at night during my teen years, listening to traffic and pondering where life might take me, I can say with conviction that Wisconsin never entered my thoughts. Yet here I was. So many changes, so many joys, sorrows, questions and unexpected turns in life have come through the years.

Sunlight filtered through wind-tossed woods, casting dancing shadows across the highway. I almost expected the dappled light to scatter before my wheels like leaves. The trees, some flashing a spot of early red or gold, turned to farmland, red barns, and the occasional horses or cattle. The shadows of late afternoon stretched in elongated stripes, curving over the gentle contours of the fields. Except for the engine, it was quiet. I saw few vehicles and fewer people.

Stopping to stretch my legs, I stepped onto crunchy gravel at the side of the road. It was warm, even hot, but there was that awareness that fall is nearing--something in the breeze and the shadows and the sky. I gradually became aware of an almost undetectable sweetness in the air. Sniffing, I wondered what caused it--too mild to be called an aroma, exactly. Then I saw that on each of the four corners of the intersection was a different kind of crop.

To my rear on the left stood corn, tasseled and turning brown, loaded with ears that would become food for the cattle during winter. Behind me to the right the "spring green" of alfalfa grew in astonishing brilliance. In front to the left a field of soybeans, one of the loveliest crops imaginable, stretched to the horizon. In summer its leaves are a deep glossy green, but now they were turning to the characteristic mottled red, gold and yellow of fall. On the other corner stood a farmhouse. To the side of the wide lawn was a garden. Around the edges grew late-summer flowers--Gladiolas, Black-Eyed Susan's, Snapdragons, and many more I could not name. I was too far away to identify all of what remained in the garden, but I could see what I guessed were tomato plants along with the broad leaves of squash plants. I surmised that all these lovely growing things were what filled the air with that subtle freshness.

I love this time of year in the north. I am sad as summer goes, but if we have a good fall it is my favorite season. A bad fall means endless dreary days and rain. And cold. And early frost. And a blasting storm just as the leaves are turning so that instead of color we go from leaves of green to slightly tinged to totally gone. A good fall means gently cooling days, crisp air, fabulous autumn colors, and sunshine. Good or bad, fall is all to0 short here. By mid-November it is cold. Hunters hope for snow by Thanksgiving so they can track deer. I root for the deer and hope for snow to hold off until December.

The main reason for me to be sad at summer's passing is that fall is coming which means that in a very short time winter is here. Winters here can be dreary and cloudy or brilliant and blue. Either way, they are cold. And they last for what seems like forever. Any long time readers of this blog know how I anticipate spring each year!

Does fall make you nostalgic as it always does for me? Do you ponder life and passing years and changes? I don't know what it is about fall, but that always happens to me. Is summer fading, or is it in full swing where you are?


Anonymous said...

Autumn means booya! and beef stew! and home made soups and chili! and seeing your breath on hay rides, and hot cider! and those hot, soft pretzels!!!!!!!!!

Three guesses who

LoieJ said...

Being further north than you are, we probably are further into fall. We have leaves turning early due to our severe drought, although it finally rained 3.5 inches on Thur. For nearly a month, the grains and grasses have been that lovely gold color.

As soon as the sun is very low, there is a chill in the air, even when the day has been hot. Where does that cold come from. Surely the earth is still warm.

Fall always reminds me of the passing of years, of life, like no other season. Will I even live to see the glorious leaves again?

Yes, fall can be glorious. And it would be my favorite season if the days weren't getting so short.

Your reflection was wonderful!

Jeni said...

I used the autumn theme for my intro column to be published in mid-September in a local weekly newspaper.
But aside from that, I wanted to let you know to be sure to stop by my blog and pick up information there about a world friendship via blogging concept that I think you might appreciate and want to participate in too!

HeyJules said...

Summer is winding down here, too. I love this time of year, though. It has a "slowing down" effect on me - making me take more time to stop and look at how God is working in my life.

Anonymous said...

I just want to make stew and sit under a blanket with the windows open drinking hot tea, enjoying the last few days I can have the window open. I always think the fall air has a clean feel to it.
I start thinking of camping and going to the apple orchard. I want to spend hours baking goodies and thinking about redecorating my house for the season.

Dorcas (aka SingingOwl) said...

Kris, just this morning I said to yourdad, "I think we need to get out the fall tablecloth and stuff." The air is nippy this a.m. and tonight it is supposed to get down to about 40 degrees. Might have to actually turn the heat on. I hate to do that. I too start thinking of baking as the air gets crisp. Apple pie! Mmmm!
Our second annual encapmemnt is at church this weekend...praying for the rain to hold off!

Gene Bach said...

Fall can not get here soon enough to suit me. I love fall! I want to live right by that pond in the picture. Looks like a way cool place.