Tuesday, September 18, 2007

September is Here...How Can You Tell?

The ceramic pumpkins and the earth toned candles are out.

The Little Scarecrow waves from the dining room.

Pumpkins and Indian Corn decorate the house.

Other signs:
I don't care if there are weeds among the tomato plants.
Geese are starting to practice their formation flying.
Leaves are already falling -- and the yard is full of crabapples.
Two days ago the temperature hovered in the 30s adn 40s, but today it was 90!
And the clearest sign? I saw CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS AND TREES for sale at Kohl's today!


Truth said...

Beautiful! I was just thinking I should bring a little autumn into my home.

Gene Bach said...

Fall is coming...was snowing in the mountains around us this morning.

Questing Parson said...

Christmas decorations? They're skipping Halloween and Thanksgiving?

Anonymous said...

We have one beautiful Maple tree on our block that is always the first to change color. It is the most beautiful red and the whole tree as already changed. That is how I know it is Sept.

Auntie Knickers said...

I love the pictures (in the post after this one) of Midwestern farm fields and roadsides. I remember a trip several years ago when I suddenly "saw" this beauty for the first time after living in the Midwest for 20 years.
Your calico cat looks great with the fall decor! It's her time of year, for sure!