Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Darkness

In glory, emptied and releasing,

My throne, my place, my power,

As angels, wondering, watched me go...

Darkness pondered.

In Bethlehem when angels sang,
And Mother rocked, and
Shepherds knelt...

Darkness watched.

That day long past in temple courts,
Conversing with the elders,
I did not dream--of this...!

Darkness saw.

The “Lord’s Anointed!” Could it be?
Such thoughts my heart awoke,
As realization grew, each day...

Darkness shivered.

With John in Jordan’s water,
Even as you spoke my name,
And Spirit came to me with love...

Darkness cursed.

I taught and prayed and healed,
And Peter, John, and others,
Rejoiced to see Your power shown...

Darkness hovered.

There was bread for multitudes to eat,
And wine for wedding feasting,
Women, children, beggars blessed...

Darkness scowled.

Hosannas rang and branches waved,
The people hailed me King!
Yet still they did not understand...

Darkness crouched.

We broke the bread and drank the cup,
We sang a song together,
They could not pray, but took their rest...

Darkness gathered.

Oh, Abba, Father, might it be,
I am a fool -- mistaken?
Can not there be some other way...?

Darkness approaches.

Oh, must I drink this bitter cup?
Must I, alone, be taken?
At sadness, doubt, betrayal, shame...
Darkness laughs!
The cross—Oh God--what cruel pain,
My enemies await me,
I wonder, Father, where are You...?

Darkness sings.

Why did I fail to gather them?
Am I alone? Have I lost all?
Will they remember? Will I live...?

Darkness is here.

Dorcas George

Artwork: Praying in the Garden by He Qi


Mary Beth said...

This is beautiful. I have shivers everywhere.

Anonymous said...

I loved this poem. I never considered that Jesus might have a moment of doubt.