Sunday, March 30, 2008

Robin Blue Breast

This morning was cold, grey and windy. I refused to put on a coat. I did have on a sweater but I just couldn't bring myself to struggle into a coat, much less gloves. So I was cold. And not happy about it. I am tired of being cold.

I arrived at church early to do some setting up.

As I pulled in the parking lot I spied, perched on a snow bank by the back door, a ROBIN! He was shivering in the cold, his beak was chattering, and he had a distinct blue tinge, but he was hopping across the steps.

Maybe spring will come, after all?


LoieJ said...

I think we've all been fooled by the early, really early Easter. On Easter, I wanted to wear something that said spring, warmth, and not snow and cold, so I wore a skirt I bought in Africa. Well, I had to wear it over nylons to even think I'd be warm enough. And I wore a lacy white t shirt over an undershirt. Sheesh. The worst part about the winter coat is that it is so so dirty but I need it yet, so I can't take it to be cleaned.

Anonymous said...

We can only hope!

Rev SS said...

We had a teaser of Spring here, and now this weekend, lots of snow and temps 10 degrees below normal. I did see a Robin the other day too. So I'm hoping with you!