Monday, April 21, 2008

Our New Banner

This is what's happening at our place. Sunday is "Vision Sunday" and we will (among other things) unveil our new banner, which is about 4' x 5'. Then for the following five Sunday we will explore the themes you see on the banner with a mix of music, messages, little gifts, and more.
O is for "Offer Hope"
A is for "Advance God's Kingdom"
S is for "Share God's Love"
I is for "Invest in People"
S is for "Seek God's Purpose"
So if you are in the neighborhood, drop in for breakfast Sunday at 9:15. 1706 Plymouth St. New Holstein. We are serving camel's hump sausage, ostrich eggs, dates, flat bread and Turkish coffee with yak butter. Okay, just kidding. But we are going to have fun!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun!

Iris said...

Beautiful banner!

Sally said...


much2ponder said...

This post made me smile:)
I'm sure all will go well, God is good!

Rev SS said...

Love the banner and themes!