Friday, April 04, 2008

A Revealing Friday Five

Sally from Rev Gal Blog Pals offers this Friday Five:

With this Sunday's gospel reading in mind, that wonderful revelation of Christ to the companions on the Emmaus road. I wonder where you might have been surprised by God's revelation recently.So with no further waffle I offer you this weeks Friday 5:

How has God revealed him/herself to you in a:

1. Book

I was reading "Farmer Boy" by Laura Ingalls Wilder to my mother in the nursing home. It is the story of Laura Ingall's future husband, Almanzo. Reading about the the activities of the family as they ploughed and planted in the spring, I ended up being able to reminisce just a tiny bit with my mother about her early farm years and what it was like at spring cotton planting time. Conversations are few and far between these days. It was a little gift from God.

2. Film

The most recent film I saw was Horton Hears a Who. While I can't exactly I was surprised by God's revelation, I can say that there are some pretty noticeable spiritual themes in this children's movie. The obvious one is that people are worthy of respect and honor. There are others, but you'll have to go see the movie for yourself.

3. Song

This one.

4. Another person

Last night at our church's Thursday prayer time, I was aware of the presence of the Holy Spirit as we prayed together and I listened to the words of my fellow believers. It is becoming a highlight of the week.

5. Creation
It is still mostly brown here, and there are still patches of snow, and the trees are bare. However, tulips shoots are up, and irises are as well, and as spring s-l-o-w-l-y shows up I always think of my soul's renewal as well. Something happens to my physical body, my emotions, and my spirit.
Bonus answer: your choice- share something encouraging/ amazing/ humbling that has happened to you recently!

This is an encouraging something. In the last two months I have been told be several people that I should be doing more writing. It happened again, several times, while I was at District Council. Then on the way home I was speaking to my husband about a local reporter who has become friendly with me, and has also become quite positive in his articles and impressions of our church. We hopped out of our van at a restaurant not far from home, and as I went into the door I ran into (literally) this same reporter! Before I could stop myself, I said, "I'm going to be calling you in a day or so about writing a column. " (I am??) "Okay" he said, smiling.
Well...okay then.


Rev SS said...

Way Cool! And, regarding you bonus answer: I love it when God puts words in my mouth that way! Don't forget to publish link to your column here.

will smama said...

Beautiful. I too will be looking for a link to said column.

Sally said...

Beautiful, that little one brought tears to my eyes!

Sister Juliet, RSCJ said...

Adorable film! And great story--ditto what rev ss says about God putting words in your mouth!

RevAnne said...

Love the video--and excited for you about the column. I'd love to do the same.

Barbara B. said...

Sounds like "Farmer Boy" was an excellent choice for your mother! (I remember reading that book long ago...)

Diane M. Roth said...

love the video! and yes, do more writing. me, too! (I need co-conspirators.)

Anonymous said...

Great play!

Anonymous said...

Do It! Do It! Do It! Do It! Do It! Do It! Do It! Do It! Do It! Do It! Do It! Do It! Do It! Do It! Do It! Do It! Do It! Do It! Do It! Do It! Do It! Do It! Do It! Do It! Do It! Do It!

Write a column that is! :-D