Friday, July 03, 2009

A Wonderful Tribute to My Husband

Ken recently retired from working with Royal Ranger (a boys ministry). At least, he retired from doing it on a regular basis. He has also served as the president of a group within Rangers called Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship. They pick a fur trade era persona, and they have lots of fun learning frontier skills along with the spiritual stuff. This is actually how we got started in Rendezvous (fur trade) play acting, since he decided that the gear was so expensive we'd better use it at secular gatherings as well.

This was recently published in their newsletter, and since Ken never blows his own horn (and doesn't often have someone else blow it for him) I am copying it here.

A Tribute To Our Outgoing President, Bearded Eagle

Heart. This is the first thing that came to mind when I was asked to say something about Ken (Bearded Eagle). He is the "mountain" in mountain man, not just in stature but in heart. Royal Rangers is just a part of Kens ministry. Doing God's work is his life, joy and substance. Ken can yell at you and you thought he paid you a complement, and the job was done better for it. I have run into men here in asked if I knew Ken George. I said, "You bet I do." The man said, "Commander Ken led me to Christ, and that changed my life. Tell Ken I said thanks." I don't know his name but he works at Sam's on HWY 100 and National, so if you are there and wearing a Ranger shirt he will probably say it to you too.

Most of you know Ken a chaplain counseling both the young and the old men in prison...These men will do anything for Ken, and do it with joy. When you are in Ken's camp you can't help but notice the wooden table, chairs and kitchen sitting in front of his lodge. Most of these were made by...[inmates]. He has made a strong impact for Christ Jesus on their lives also.

is the next word that comes to mind. When you enter Bearded Eagle's camp there is always a place to rest your bones, sit and talk a spell. His camp has every thing he needs and everything others need. Just bring it back when you are done. Bearded Eagle doesn't bring all these extra things for his use; he brings them for anyone else who needs them. A lot of [the gear that the district FCF] has was given to us by Bearded Eagle. For the past 6 years so much more has been implemented to make our chapter what it is today. Bearded Eagle has the spirit that, "If it can be better, let's do it better and make it better." That is what he has always tried to do and will still do as long as he is able...

Persevere. Some of us will grow old, some gracefully some not. Some of us will never get the chance to grow old. But if you do, look at Ken. In spite of what his body is going through, he still tries to make every event. Ken wore a foot cast most of last year, and he kept up with everyone else--or he was ahead of every one else. (Right now his leg is in bad shape and he needs healing from Jesus so keep him in your daily prayers so he can continue to join us in all of our activities.)

If you need something that Ken has he will gift it, sell it, or trade it...use Ken as the example and keep on going and stand strong. When you feel you can't, continue to stand firm and keep going. It may not be graceful, but he keeps on going, never gives up, never surrenders, always perseveres.

Ken has big shoes to fill, and I am glad I don't have to be the one to fill them. In the past 6 years FCF has become more exciting, challenging, and fun to both teach and be a part of...Ken answers to...God, and each of his ministries are God-centered and inspired. A program is man-centered; a ministry is God-centered. Ken has ministries.

Respectfully Submitted -

"Midnight Bear"


Lori said...

You are a lucky girl and he is a lucky boy to have each other so happily!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

What wonderful words.

Anonymous said...

Delightful! I have raised my children in the A/G (I am still there and my oldest is an ass't pastor in the A/G), and just this past week-end, when we gathered for our 4th celebration, two of my sons were recalling their RR training and how they learned so much and enjoyed it!

It is such a good program for our boys!

Iris said...

What a wonderful article!

much2ponder said...

This was a very nice tribute to Ken. There is no better way to leave than in a spirit of honor. God will honor Ken for all the heart,generosity and perseverance he has made such an integral part of his ministry. It wasn't all that hard I suspect though since these are a big part of what the Lord has gifted him with. Tell him he is a blessing to many outside FCF camp and RR also. We love him dearly.

Mary Beth said...

This is great. So glad you shred it.

Mary Beth said...


Betsy said...

What a wonderful tribute to a man of generous heart and abundant hospitality!

Lauriej. said...

Singing Owl,
This is indeed a fitting tribute to Ken.I don't think he will ever know how many he influenced.God has a special place in His heart for people who love and witness to children and who value them like Ken does.His example has been wonderful to many men too at work and in the community.Gotta love that guy!