Thursday, September 16, 2010

About Finding Little Big Foot and Authonomy

Some of you know that I started posting the "Finding Little Big Foot" chapters here a while ago as a sort of fun way to focus on something outside my life--feeling a little overwhelmed and stressed--and writing for me has always been a pleasant escape.

I was surprised and happy to read so many good comments, compliments and encouragement. I know reading a chapter every so often is not they way to keep one's head in the story, but a few of you have stuck with Pastor Dee Anna over the

Meanwhile, I started writing a non-fiction book and was researching possible publishers. One well-known Christian publishing house said they do not read unsolicited manuscripts (so what else is new?) but they do look at serious religious work at a site called Authonomy. One thing led to another, and I ended up there, intending to post chapters of my "serious" book. That hasn't happened yet, but what did happen was that I started posting the (now 30) chapters of "Finding Little Big Foot." I think it is about half finished.

Now, here is where you come in, if you choose to. You can go to Authonomy and search for my book and read all the chapters much more easily than you can find them on this blog. EVEN BETTER (for me) you can register and then you can "back" my book. That means it goes up in ranking, and once a month the top five books receive a free read and edit by someone on the editorial staff at Harper Collins. Some books even get published that way. I am not expecting that Harper Collins would likely be the publisher for "Finding Little Big Foot" (though several people have commented that they think the book has "crossover" potential into broader markets) but having a professional editor comment would be very helpful, of course. Being up in that top five would greatly increase my chances of getting noticed by an agent, or by one of the other publishing houses, like the one I first checked out.

The remaining chapters will be posted, as I write them, on Authonomy. I am not sure if I will continue putting them on The Owl's Song. Right now I am doing a major edit of the 30 chapters already written. Once Pastor Dee Anna gets back home to Wisconsin things will get challenging in Little Big Foot, and there will be a bit of theology to ponder...I hope I can keep it fun reading while making a point or two.

If you'd like to read more than one chapter every few weeks, and ESPECIALLY if you'd like to help me move up the chart, go HERE.

If you do, THANK YOU!


Amy Maxwell said...

30 chapters all ready? Wow! I've really enjoyed the book so far. Proud of you.

Dorcas (aka SingingOwl) said...

Did you actually read all 30? (Oh, only 28 posted here so far). :-)

(((AMY))) Hope all is well with you and family.