Friday, September 24, 2010

A Musical Friday Five

Mary Beth shares the Friday Five this time, saying, "Music is a part of the human experience, and part of religious traditions the world over. It is evocative and stirring, and many forms of worship are incomplete without it. And let's talk about the role music plays in your life and worship."

1) Do you like to sing/listen to others sing? In worship, or on your own (or not at all?)

I'm SingingOwl, so you already know I like to sing. I like to listen to others as well, unless it is painfully bad, and I like to sing in worship, at the kitchen sink, in the shower, the car, just about anywhere. I often associate a song with what is happening. My inner thoughts are a bit like a musical film. If people knew how often this happens to me, they might wonder about me.

2) Did you grow up with music in worship, or come to it later in life? Tell us about it, and how that has changed in your experience.

I grew up singing hymns and gospel songs and choruses. I loved to sing with my sisters and I learned to harmonize at a fairly young age. I sang my first solo at about age 8, playing a little ukulele and singing, "How About Your Heart?" Anyone remember that one? My dad loved southern gospel, and we listened to the famous quartets, The Statesmen, The Blackwood Brothers, The Cathedrals, and so on. I loved it. Still do, in small doses. My sister, Darlaine, loved Mahalia Jackson and so I learned to love that as well, loved all kinds of African American gospel singing, and still do. I like some of the contemporary worship music, and I do understand why we need to do things in fresh ways, but I do miss some of the richness of those hymns.

3) Some people find worship incomplete without music; others would just as soon not have it. Where do you fall?

Guess. Sometimes JUST music would suit me fine. Remember when youth groups used to do that? AH, I am really showing my age. We called them...ready? Singspirations. I know. Sappy. Don't care. I loved them.

4) Do you prefer traditional music in worship, or contemporary? That can mean many different things!

I love it all, and my perfect church service would include guitars and drums and also a fabulous pipe organ, but not necessarily together.

5) What's your go-to music ... when you need solace or want to express joy? A video/recording will garner bonus points!

Ah, so many kinds of things to choose here.

First, JOY! Funny, there are Christian groups I like to hear when I'm happy, but what came to mind first? Southern Rock. Like this one, best sung along to while driving, windows down, volume cranked. Can't do it when Ken is along. He won't let me.


Oh, it was supposed to be of a spiritual nature? Here is one that makes me smile all over.

And when sad, or reflective....SO hard to choose. Hymns, classical music. New stuff too. Here is one I love from Todd Agnew.


Faith Hope and Cherrytea said...

oh singing owl ! yes! yes!
CCR at full volume windows down -
me too :)
and todd agnew's 'grace like rain'-
WoW ! a fave for sure ~
i wrote of my first solo at 8 as well ! how cool is that?
thx so much for posting even in the midst of a not so great start..

Mary Beth said...

Great choices and some new things!

I often get answers to prayer in music...scripture comes to me with a song attached.

Brittany said...

"My inner thoughts are a bit like a musical film." Mine too! :)