Thursday, November 02, 2006

Just a couple more pictures

The brothers are waiting for the steaks on the grill to finish. Ken is in blue, little brother is in grey. He is a miracle. A sweet little boy, he became an angry teenager and (he says) "a descipable man." After living on the steets for 10 years, he lost a leg to infection. He also says he lost anger and bitterness at the same time. Now the loving person we knew years ago has returned, sadder and physically struggling, but wiser.

Afterwards we headed back to Bakersfield. Ken took a walk to take pictures and was rewarded with rocks in his shoes.

Bakersfield is dusty, dusty, dusty. This is a picture at sunset. It is Ken's attempt to show the dust in the airl If you look closely you might see that the mountain is dark and in between the black of the mountain and the grey-blue of the sky is the brown haze of desert dust. Everything in Bakersfield is dusty. Even the trees.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Dorcas for sharing this trip and these photos with us. Geography is a powerful defining agent that can have surprisingly deep impacts on our inner selves. I have smiled and teared and prayed through this trip with you. love, Maureen