Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thanksgiving Collage

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The guys grilled our turkey. You can see that the grass is green. The pussy willow bush is putting out buds, thinking that one snow was winter. It is in for a rude surprise! Next picture is Kris and me laughing in the kitchen, then Kris on the phone with brother Josh who could not be with us. Then Turkey Tom on a platter, and then my mother shuffling the Texas-size dominoes, then a game of Mah Jong. A nice day, all 'round.


zorra said...

Beautiful! (and the table picture above, too) What a blessed Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like your day was much like ours - peaceful, with many blessings of really too much food.

One special blessing was my son-in-law's 7-year old nephew who was here was actually quite well behaved! Normally, he is very ill-mannered and rude. I think he had either been heavily medicated or told if he got out of line at all, he would have to sit by me - the dreaded ogre grammy because I will not put up with his shenanigans, not AT ALL! Fear is a good thing at times, isn't it?