Monday, April 09, 2007

More of that WHITE STUFF?

Someone throw a snowball at the weatherguy!

Those beautiful tulips are what I am longing for, but I had to put them here on my blog. Why? Because the forecast is calling for up to 10 inches of.....SNOW! The just-now-budding tulips and daffodills and irises are going to be snowed under!

This is not doing good things for anyone's temper around here. April showers bring May flowers, but not SNOW showers, fer cryin' out loud.

Sigh. Spring does come. Nothing like it, when it finally does arrive. Lady Spring is a big tease, that's what she is. I just decided to put my winter clothes away. What was I thinking? It isn't July yet. :-(

Just a few other random thoughts.

I love this song by Big Daddy Weave. Thanks to Amy for the reminder. It is speaking to my heart today.

I am pondering the watchman painting. If anyone knows who the painter is, please advise. The watchman image is tugging at me. I feel as though I am a wathcman on a wall of sorts, but I am not alone. There are others with me. Perhaps I will post more about this later. But insights about the subject are welcome...anyone heard a good sermon, read something, etc.?

My mother is fading away before my eyes. It is very sad. She is swinging between sweet, docile and exhausted or angry, stubborn, mean and totally unreasonable. It is an unhappy state of affairs, and I am waiting with some apprehension for what comes.

God knows. And in that I can seek peace.

Change is in the air. I can feel it somehow...with the season. Some is good and welcome, and some will be less so. Change is often good, but it is not often easy.

One more thing...Look! It is Mona Lisa Baby!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry about your mom. May God uphold you by his free Spirit and see you through.

net said...

((((Singing Owl))))

LoieJ said...

We are north of the snow, again, again, again, again. In April, though, I don't mind, except that we're in a year long drought. And the river froze again, after opening early. I think our drain field will never thaw because spring will never get here.

My mom is fading in some ways too, although I think her mind is OK, but she isn't getting enough socialization and exercise where she is residing. I'll be back there, in your neck of the woods, in Late April.

Anonymous said...

Wow that is one beautiful baby!

Praying for you and mom.

seethroughfaith said...

hugs and prayers for YOU and YOUR MUM

it's not easy ...

Unknown said...

Sorry about the snow, we are having cold weather and storms.

Beautiful baby.

Hugs and prayers for you and your mom.

Iris said...

Sweet, sweet girl!

Prayers for you and your Mom.