Monday, April 30, 2007

An Update

Thank you to everyone who has prayed for my mother, my family and me. Kris brought Trinity and they spent the weekend here. That was a great blessing to my mom especially, but to Ken and me too. Mom was admitted to the nursing home today, somewhat improved. She can swallow now, so she is eating pureed food. She still cannot move much on one side, and her speech is mostly unintelligible. She is starting physical and speech therapy tomorrow. As I said, "we'll see."
Visiting Great Grandmommy in the Hospital

Sunday was a beautiful, warm and sunny day, maybe the nicest day we have had. After church we went out back and let Trinity be "nekkid" (as my mom says) in the sunshine. She waved her little arms and legs, gazed up at the trees in rapt concentration, and smiled happily at us. A totally new experience for her, since she was born in January. It was such a sweet little time of joy and peace.

There are some important things that must get done here, and then I might be able to take a couple of weeks away. We'll see. :-) I am attending a silent retreat this weekend at a nearby abbey. I'm lookiing forward to 2 1/2 days of silence, and I wish it were at least a week! I am okay, but very tired, physically, emotionally--every way I guess. Thanks again for the prayers. What wonderful friends I have, both in cyberspace and real life. May you each be blessed for your kindness!


Jules said...

Such precious pictures!

Continued prayers for all y'all.

Iris said...

Oh the feeling of sunshine on your skin! What beautiful pictures.

Thanks for the update! Blessings as you retreat for a few days. That sounds like heaven.

Anonymous said...

Much needed time away with the Lord, I am keeping you and your family in my prayers. As often as I think of you, I will pray...and that's pretty often. I love you Pastor.


Anonymous said...

I think trinity is a great method of healing Johnnie B