Wednesday, October 24, 2007

At the foot of the mountains we emerged into sunshine once again. Passing through orange groves and clumps of fragrant eucalyptus trees, we stopped at a roadside stand offering a beautifully colored array of vegetables and fruits. The aroma of oranges, strawberries and peaches filled the air. Mmmmm!

Here Ken and Grady inspect the offerings: Melons, peppers, squash, lemons, oranges, watermelon, tomatoes....and more. I miss California!

Back "home" the sun sets over the Pacific and the lights of Carlsbad begin to glow in the evening sky.

Larry's son, Dan, and his French Canadian wife, Sylvie, join us for dinner at a restraunt that looks like a French villa during World War One. Charming, and good food too. On the right side of the table are Dan, Sylvie, Larry and Ken. Opposite are Grady and Jessica and me.

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