Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Mountains

I snapped one last photo of the mission bell tower and we climbed into our rented PT Cruiser for a drive to Mt. Palomar and it's gigantic telescope. On the twisting road up the mountain we enjoyed looking at the rocky mountansides, the oaks and other trees, and the beautiful sky. The sun shone and the views of distant mountains were spectacular. I wanted to take a picture of "purple mountain's majesty" but we were in a hurry to reach the observatroy before it closed. I decided to wait for the return trip back to the valley.
The orange plants are ferns, which cover the ground for a large area around the observatory. It is a beautiful spot, surrounded by oak trees, granite rocks and many kinds of flowers.

As we descended the mountain, a thick fog rolled in. So much for the purple mountain vistas--but these weren't such bad photos after all.
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