Friday, October 05, 2007

Cedarly Pastor's Retreat Collage

Some of the books at Cedarly are not what I might choose, to say the least. However, this one was a treasure which I will have to purchase soon. I felt like I had found jewels! One night I read from the writings of John Wesley, the next night it was St. Francis, then Martin Luther, than Julian of Norwich, then Soren Kierkegaard. amd then Ignatius of Loyola. A wonderful book! Also some terrific selections from Ruth Haley Barton (different books). Very rich stuff. The combination of a beautiful setting, a good book, great food, and chapel at Nashotah House was a wonderul blessing. Some things were difficult or annoying. I found myself making deliberate choices to focus on what was helpful and let the rest go.


Anonymous said...

This looks like just the place to be. Nice pictures Pastor.

Jules said...

I recognize that yellow and blue bedroom!

I hope you had a wonderful week of rest and Mike's excellent cooking.

You were so close--I wish we could have met for coffee in town.