Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Egalitarian Marriage: Resources for Further Study

When I started the series about "Husband as Head" I said I wasn't trying to be scholarly, or give you footnotes, and I said there was much more that could be said. And I promised further resources. Here are a few.

The excellent website "God's Word to Women" has articles on a variety of subjects of interest to Christian women. Actually, most of them should be read by thinking Christians of either gender. They include:

I Believe in Male Headship by Dr. Gilbert Bilezikian

The Evangelical Debate Over Biblical Headship by David H. Scholer

The Meaning of "Head" by Dr. Kluane Spake

Who's the Boss? by Drs. Eddie L. and Susan H. Hyatt

The Head of the Epistles by Berkeley and Alvera Mickelsen

As for books, I cannot speak highly enough about:

Heirs Together by Patricia Gundry.

This book is the absolutely best book on Christian marriage that I have ever come across, and it is required reading for Christian couples who want me to officiate at their wedding. My copy is dogeared, highlighted and has notes in the margins. For discounts on multiple orders, go to Suitcase Books.

Jeff does a really wonderful job of discussing how we have turned a curse resulting from sin into something we call "God's plan" He gives practical suggestions for marriage and family and parenting that are based on (of all things) grace instead of some imposed view of "roles."

I think the term life-changing is way overused these days. However, these two books really can be exactly that. FWGIIP is the book that I would give to every family in the church and everyone else I could, if I had unlimited money. I lent my copy to a friend who is a marriage and family counselor, and he later bought me a new copy. He had sat up all night, making notes and scribbling in the margins and underlining. It is that kind of book, as is "Heirs Together."

One more, "Marriage Made in Eden" by Alice P. Matthews and M. Gay Hubbard is highly recommended as helping us take a good look at what scripture really says about marriage and "God's plan. " I am just reading it now, but I'm liking it so far, and I respect the person who told me to buy it without delay.

None of these are difficult to read. Later I may share some more recommendations, but I'm trying to just stick to a few articles and books about Christian marriage for now.

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