Saturday, August 02, 2008

Love the Creator / Love the Creation

Iris from Manna Word has graciously given me an award which originated here, at Bible The  Bible Dude says, "This award in excellence has two short statements on it. The first one is, 'love the creator.'  The first thing that I notice about certain bloggers is that they have this great passion for God. They are serious about their faith, and want nothing more than to see God move. The second statement is, 'love the creation.' This one appears on the award because these people also display a great love for God’s various creations. For some, it might be the people that He created. For others it might also be the planet (or some other part of His creation). Whatever it is, they realize that God made all of it. They look at God’s creations through His eyes, and see all of the goodness that He put into it.

I put it in the sidebar, and hopefully after some sleep and some pondering I can pass it on.

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Sally said...

an award that is well deserved! :-)