Saturday, December 19, 2009

Into the Big Snowy Woods

For days now, Trinity has been telling me she wants to go walking in the "big, snowy woods where there are scary dogs and scary cats and scary squirrels too." ?

Today the temps were only just below freezing, which feels quite nice after it has been below zero for a while. So we headed to a small ski hill that is bordered by woods. Trinity was the trailblazer, leading the way down a barely-there path and calling back to us, "Just follow me! I'll show you the way into the woods!" A couple of walking sticks made for easier going. Trinity had a ball, and we did too, in our own grandparent kind of way.

At Nutt Ski Hill

C'm On, Papa and Grandma! Follow me!

Time for some sledding!

It's snowing...can we make some hot cocoa with marshmallows in it?


Lori said...

What fun. She's a cutie pie.

Jeni said...

It's been a while since you posted pics of Trinity and even when you do that regularly, I marvel at how big she is now! Doesn't seem possible and actually, to my mind, wasn't it just yesterday that you announced her coming, then her arrival and after that, major events in her early life? Sure does put new meaning to the old expression "Growing like a bad weed" or "How time does fly!" doesn't it? I've only been blogging for three years and it seems to me I'd been reading your blog for about a year before Trinity was born so how did she get so big so fast then?
Peace, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and God Jul to you and yours!

LoieJ said...

Fun. I wish I was closer to my grand kids, but they are in SW Wis. You have way more snow than we do.