Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Purple Hair: an Advertisement, I Admit It

I am currently employed at Veritas Financial Services. I am seriously impressed with their passion for speaking the truth about some common investing myths and for taking on the traditional broker/dealer establishment.

Not only are they salmon swimming upstream, so to speak, and if you are invested you might want to find out why, but some visits and comments would be good for my financial security. :-)

See our new blog (yep, I'm the admin person) here.

And find out what happened when my hair turned purple, here.


LoieJ said...

I got the invite from you on FB and deleted it, but now that you write about this I will at least look at the web links. We have an adviser we like. We had/have another adviser, somebody from our church, with whom we are dissatisfied, by both his lack of follow through, and with a scheme he tried to get us into in the past. (We declined.) My husband has often commented, after we've seen either a financial adviser or somebody selling insurance, that the goal always seems to be to maximize the return on the money regardless of how that is done or if our goals are somewhat different. My husband's goal is to have enough money in retirement so that he can continue to be able to give generously to various causes and live simply. That would have been the case until the last big financial crash. We haven't put anything into a retirement fund for over 10 years due to giving to charities instead. He believes what the Bible says about not feathering one's own nest. I can't quote you a verse on that, but surely Jesus did preach about helping people.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new job, new blog, and non-purple hair!

Mary Beth said...

that is GREAT!!!!