Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thankfulness 21

I am thankful for internet friends. So many people I have never seen have enriched my life in so many ways. I am glad I have met some in person.

I'm thanking God for longtime cyber friends from The Egalitarian Christian Alliance: Ruth, Maureen, Psalmist, Nightmare, Dr. Platypus (and family), Tiro333, Pat G., Rudd, Sharon, Bronwen, Jeannie--and many more. You all have changed my life forever. Especially you, Ruth. I'm thinking of my "sister" Psalmist sending chocolates as I studied for my ordination test, Mrs. Platypus making a quilt for Trinity, Dr. Platypus answering linguistic questions (and more), Mauteen's gift of encouragment, Pat G.'s wisdom and gift of a "happy" book, Tiro's gentle wisdom and admirable scholarship, and all of you praying for me at various times, challenging my thinking and more. Over ten years of online connections! Wow!

Thank you, Rev Gals and Pals, dear Questing Parson, Rev. Mommy, Lorna, Iris, Kievas, Chartreuse Ova, Amy M., Zorra, and the list goes on and on...I wish I had time to read more.
It was good to see some of you in person at the F. of H., and I hope next time I can actually have some conversations. ;-)

I once would not have thought that close cyber friendships were possible. I'm not saying they are the same as face-to-face relationships, but they are nonetheless "real."


much2ponder said...

What about the rest of us? ;)

Anonymous said...

Thankful for you too!

Dorcas (aka SingingOwl) said...

M2P, YOU are not a cyber friend, even if you do read my blog and I read yours. YOU are a real life bud, and I am not done with my thankfulness list yet. :-)

much2ponder said...

Just couldn't help myself I guess, I miss you so, my best buddy:)

Psalmist said...

And I'm incredibly thankful for you, my sister-in-faith.

One of these days, I'm going to make the cyber-friendship an in-the-flesh, honest-to-God "real life" one. Though you and I have shared an awful lot of real life stuff at long distance over the years, haven't we?

MUCH love to you, dearie!