Friday, October 08, 2010

An Autumn Word Association Friday Five

The picture is Ken and Trinity about a year ago.

Hello everyone! This morning I drove down the road that is pictured in my blog header. It looks just like that right now. The Canadian geese are excited, forming up and practicing, encouraging each other with honking, the Wisconsin fall color is at peak where I am, and in Kohl's Dept. Store the Christmas decorations are up. Yep, Fall is here. It's my turn to do the Rev Gal Blog Pals Friday Five. It has been a while since we did one of these word association Friday FIves, so here goes, with an autumnal theme. I know, fall is one way on this side of the world and different in other places, but please bear with me as I post words that say FALL--at least where I am.

Give us the the first word that comes to mind (you know how that works, right?) and then add a little something about why, or how or what.

1. Pumpkins
Jack O' Lanterns.
I have five in an artfully placed pile in my yard, alongside a scarecrow and two pots of mums. At least one will soon be carved into a smiley, or scary, face.

2. Campfire
The best thing about a campfire is the aroma. It takes me back to good times camping as a kid, youth gatherings on the beach (I grew up in California) and other good memories. So evocative!

3. Apple
Yum...harvest time for apples is here and the stores, and farmers markets will be well stocked. Nothing better than apple pie to say all is well with the world!

4. Color
Right now they are glorious. Growing up in CA we didn't really have much of a fall, and certainly not the glorious foliage that is part of fall in Wisconsin. Fabulous and breathtaking.

5. Halloween
Trinity is planning her ladybug costume, and she (Trinity is my three year old grandchild) is making this time of year a hoot once again. Gotta love kids and costumes and candy and pumpkins and stuff!
And since it is REV Gals and their Pals, here is the bonus question, sort of a serious one:

What does the following passage from Daniel 2 make you think about?

"Praise be to the name of God for ever and ever;
Wisdom and power are his...
He changes times and seasons."

I feel change in the air. I love fall for that. I will soon be taking a small retreat to explore a bit of those changing times and seasons in my own life. I'll let you know if anything of import results. Have a wonderful fall! For those of you in my part of the world--YOU KNOW WHAT IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!

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Faith Hope and Cherrytea said...

loved your word associations - very 'fallish' !
and do LoVe your glorious autumn road ! WoW ! slowing down to take that in !
thx for your visit & chat :)
and for this prompt ...
looking fwd to hearing about your retreat!