Sunday, November 09, 2008

Thankfulness 4

Today I am thankful for pumpkins. I love pumpkins and they make me happy for some unknown reason. I love the pumpkin-like colors of fall decorations. I love seeing the fields of pumpkins, and the mounds of them for sale on Amish wagons I love the smell of fresh pumpkin baking (as we get ready to make pies, bars, and bread). The blog banner above is from my front yard.


LoieJ said...

Sounds lovely. We don't have pumpkin farms or Amish farmers, but I've been told that they are moving into your area, at least near Readsville. Also by my daughter in SW Wis.

Lori said...

Pumpkins ARE very cheery. Thanks for reminding me.

Mavis said...

I love that new banner. And pumpkins. My first car was an orange hatchback - my parents nicknamed it 'the pumpkin'

Shanita Waters said...

Hello... this is my first time here and I didn't want to leave without saying hello.