Friday, November 14, 2008

Thankfulness 9

I don't shop much. I hate the cost, I hate "women's sizes," and I don't like fitting rooms. Today I found some nice, classy, coordinating clothes. I'm always glad when that happens. I needed something new for church--getting tired of my standard Sunday morning black dress with various things/blazers layered over.

You know, there is really something to be said for vestments. I sometimes envy my mainline colleagues in that regard. Once I officiated at a wedding where everyone dressed in Renaissance attire. I mean, what was I to wear? Vestments, of course, borrowed from Rev. Marcia the Presbyterian. And I was so comfortable, in a sort of anonymous, good way. No worrying about skirt length, coordinating colors, appropriate neckline, fit, etc. I was just the "the clergyperson."

Anyhow, I am thankful I found nice things that were ON SALE. Never pay full price. That is rule number one of shopping...but I digress.

I think it's bedtime. ;-)


Jeni said...

I am SOOOO with you on finding any type of clothing I feel is appropriate for my age and size range! For some reason, clothing manufacturers never seem to grasp that concept. And, since I staunchly refuse to buy any clothing unless it is on sale -preferably at least 40-50 percent off too -then a successful shopping event means the moon, sun, stars have all aligned and everything is right with the world -at least for that time spent in the store.

Theresa Coleman said...

Yes, do love my preaching robe, my alb, my cassock and surplice. And I love to mix it up.

In my current churches, though, they aren't used to the full sheebang, so I preach in the same old predictable things too.

Mine is the white shell, black pants and different jackets. Pretty boring on this front, too.

Sally said...

It is a problem isn't it, I have found a couple of long line silk jackets, both of them are embroidered so I'm pretty happy with them, I do wear a clerical collar, and uually a black skirt or pants.... I like vestments and some Methodist Ministers wer them, others not so much!

LoieJ said...

I used to dislike shopping because I'm so tall. Now I'm also a little wide. So it goes.

Gannet Girl said...

One of my friends and I were talking yesterday about the huge consumer market being completely missed by designers and manufacturers - women of a certain age and weight who want natural and elegant fabrics, elegant and well-fitting dress clothes, relaxed and well-fitting casual clothes, interesting colors, offbeat designs, and jackets and sweaters that entirely cover our butts!

Dorcas (aka SingingOwl) said...

LOL at Jeni.

RM, good thing we have those different jackets, eh?

Sally, I am tempted to wear a clerical collar at times. It would be helpful on visits to the hospital, the prison, and so on. My church folks would be shocked, not to mention folks in the district office.

PS, tall and wide, short and wide...ugh. (Why am I humming "Deep and Wide" in my head? LOL!

Hi, G.G. I've been praying for you. Nice to "see" you here. The thing that makes me the maddest is the LOW necklines, short shorts, and the clingy polyester (?) with humongous floral prints. I mean, come ON! Even skiny girls can look bumpy is crummy polyester! And the tops that look designed for a 16 year old peasant in the meadow.... Oh yeah, we need those in women's sizes. Not. Even a teenager who is above a size 12 shouldn't be sen in such trash. Who the heck brought polyester back? Argh! There is a BIG market for reasonably decent clothes. No pun intended!

Cody said...

While vestments are nice, they are so expensive. I was looking at albs in Augsburg Fortress or some other catalog and they cost nearly $250 for a simple, hand-tailored one. I am a large fellow, so I can't just wear an off-the-rack alb. I eventually had a friend of mine sew a beautiful one for not much more than the cost of the fabric.

I find that my alb (or other such robe) make me feel more "pastoral." I am able to better concentrate and stay focused. It also lets people know that, if I'm not focused on them before worship, it is because I am focused on preparing for worship.

Nice musings, SO!

LoieJ said...

Yeah, the clothing recently makes girls look PG and then you see something similar on an older middle aged woman and do a double take. You were being more tactful saying "peasant girl" but I'll state it more straightforward. I have a tiny daughter (age 21) who can wear some of those clothes and I still don't like them.

I've done some worship leading, sermonizing, etc. and wished I had a robe to put on. It would be one less thing to worry about, like, is my blouse gaping?

Our Sunday lay worship assistants do wear robes, but that has been just in the last 10 years or so. I guess the robes help keep people's minds NOT on the pastor's attire.

Crimson Rambler said...

in re clothes, I had a windfall at the last rummage sale -- a parishioner who is a very successful lawyer (married to another of the ilk), and about my general size and shape, brought ARMLOADS of lovely clothes early for the rummage so that I could have first dibs on them. And most of them were not so striking that people would say, "Oh isn't that Esmeralda's suit?"
But mercy, I do feel well clad at this point.

Anonymous said...

See... this is one more reason why I'm in the Army. When I'm finally a chaplain, I can just wear a uniform to preach in. :)