Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thankfulness 23

I have a friend. There we are in the picture. We are both much more beautious than you would ever suppose from our picture. ;-)

My friend loves me enough to tell me the truth. That is not necessarily an easy thing to do.

It is usually okay with her if I act silly, sad, grumpy, confused, happy, or a mix of all those things. That is not necessarily easy either, come to think of it.

We don't see eye-to-eye on everything. Sometimes I frustrate her. Sometimes she frustrates me. Sometimes we misunderstand one another. But even when that happens she persists till we get things as clear as we can.

She frequently visits my mother in the nursing home. She sends cards. We eat hot dogs and ice cream and Twizzlers, use aliases, laugh, drink coffee, sing songs, pray, go shopping, ruminate on the mysteries of life, recommend books, sit by the water, sit under the trees, look down the ski slope, light candles, seek God's presence, read the Bible, and commiserate about our "stuff." We want to encourage the best in one another. I am grateful for my friend and sister in the Lord, and I am glad our friendship has endured, even though these last few years have been challenging and difficult for both of us. I love you, Much 2 Ponder, and I thank God for you. God is better than good, and more often than all the time. Amen? Amen!

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much2ponder said...

Thank you for the nice post even if I am the only one who reads it...I like it:)