Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thankfulness 15

I am grateful for clergy colleagues.

I attended a ministerial meeting earlier this week where plans were made for a "Walk to Bethlehem" -- sort of a progressive reading of the Christmas story and carol singing and checking out each other's churches when they are all beautified for the season. We start at the Catholic church, then head over to a Lutheran church, then another Lutheran church and then to the UCC church and then to our place. After that, we troop across the street to the high school for "A Country Christmas" which is put on by the chamber of commerce but includes a bunch of church choirs in concert.

Then today Ken and I attended our local AG minister's fellowship group, which was more personal since most of us have know one another for awhile. Good friends.

And then there is the online fellowship of Rev Gals and Pals, some from the webring and some not.

It is good to be part of something larger than oneself, however, and good to know that some issues, problems, joys, challenges are common to all of us.


much2ponder said...

It is good to have support. I am glad you have found people who understand things in life as only those in clergy can. :)

Theresa Coleman said...

It is indeed a wonderful thing.