Friday, November 21, 2008

Thankfulness 16

I wrote about "terrible twos" (and Trinity isn't even quite two yet), so now I must say that I am so thankful that she is nearby. For me, of course, but right now I am thinking of my mother, Trinity's "Grandmommy" who she usually calls "Grandma Mommy." That makes me smile

Today my good friend Much2Ponder and I went over to the nursing home. I don't go as much as I probably should these days. It is very hard. My poor mother looks so lost. Today when the three of us came up to her it took her a moment to realize who we were and that we were there to see her. Then when it registered she just smiled so sweetly and spent the rest of the visit in silence but gazing intently at Trinity, smiling occasionally, riding around in her wheelchair clasping Trinity on her lap, and one even once chuckling at something funny Trinity said. I am unsure whether she actually understands that Trinity is her great granchild, but no matter.

Trinity was so good! She is such a pretty little thing, and when she passes the residents they light up, of course. She passed around little decorative squashes to the three of us, calling them pumpkins, she smiled, chatted cheerfully (man oh man, she is SO verbal!) and generally just blessed my heart with her sweet innocence and something that seems like innate understanding of what she needs to do. As she toddled down the hall to go my mother was looking so sad till Trinity looked back and waved and said, "See later, Grandma Mommy." Surprisingly, she is very willing to hug her great grandmother, and kissed her goodbye.

As for my mother, I know she will not remember the visit. But it gives me such joy to see her have a little pleasure. She will be 92 in January. I do not know how long she will live, of course, but at least for this time Trinity is able to bring to her a few moments of connection and the closest thing she has to joy.


Jeni said...

Now that's a picture -and a post too -that really bring things into perspective of how much joy a child does give us, doesn't it? And the memories you will have over the years when you see this photo as well as how wonderful it will be further down the line as Trinity can show her children and grandchildren too of a beautiful day and time she was able to spend with her Great-GrandMommy!

BTW -your Mother looks terrific for being 92!

Auntie Knickers said...

So beautiful. As they said in the story we learned in Brownies, "Bairns are a blessing."

Sally said...

what a wonderful picture ( and post)- and I agree with Jeni- your Mother looks great!

much2ponder said...

I watched as Trinity and your mom seemed to truly be enjoying one anoter. Trinity brings your mother such joy and it's so natural too. While you were gone to get a washcloth, Trinity asked, "Where Gamma go?" then she paused looked up into your mothers eyes and said in such a sweet little voice, ,"Gamma mommy? , where she go?" I just looked on and smiled and so did your mother. It was a sweet moment between the two of them. They were communicating and your mother was not saying a word just smiling and enjoying the little one.

Theresa Coleman said...

It's a good thing -- even if Grandmama Mommy won't remember -- Trinity will.