Saturday, November 08, 2008

Thankfulness 3

Last week, 70 degrees. This week, snow. Today I'm thinking I'm thankful for hot chocolate!


Jeni said...

This entire past week has had day after day of nice warmish temps, no rain either, thankfully too -no snow although we did have a light dusting one day about two weeks ago. Each day, the temperatures were such that you could actually be outside for a period of time with no coat, no jacket or sweater -and not be uncomfortable. Quite pleasant for November -also fairly unusual too. I could appreciate the entire winter very much if the temps were what the have been this week. Not a big fan at all of the freezing days I know are soon to befall us.

Sue said...

Snow here today as well. Hooray for hot chocolate!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this weather has been strange. Just hoping it's not a repeat of last year!