Sunday, August 16, 2009

Comments About Rick Warren

I left a long comment under the previous post, so I decided to just turn it into a post.

I did not say Rick Warren has never worn a Hawaiian shirt. The thing was that he says he does not routinely wear Hawaiian shirts, and that he does not presently own one. He laughed when he said that newspaper articles keep calling him the "Hawaiian shirted pastor," his point being that articles just quoted each other instead of finding out for themselves. People could say (if there was any purpose) that I am the "long-red-dress-wearing woman pastor" and have a picture to prove it.

As for being what he needs to be depending on who is around him, I seem to remember St. Paul saying something about that very thing?

A weak stand on the gospel? What does that mean? I'm about to get snarky so we will agree to disagree.

I find the current Rick Warren bashing among certain segments of the evangelical word to be ludicrous and to bring reproach on the church, not the other way around. Certain websites even seem to believe he is a sort of anti-Christ. You don't have to be his biggest fan to realize how foolish that is.

Ruth, I say a loud AMEN (what a surprise--not) and CO, I assumed some things too. I found I was wrong. I was impressed with his gracious manner, the civic forums his church holds, the way he reaches out to others...Yep, I think some who villify him are people who have a pretty narrow view of what a Christian looks like. But maybe I am stereotyping again! :-)

As for the fluff factor...well, I am not commenting on "The Purpose Driven Life." That wasn't the point of the post. Was there anything to criticize there? I think so. There was also much to praise. And the fact that so many people did not know the very basic things discussed is in that book is, in my opinion, more an indictment on the pitiful state of knowledge of the average American church goer than of Rick Warren.

Tomorrow I am on to a totally different subject.


Ruth said...

Amen! back atcha.

Seems to me the Bible talks about the body of Christ being made up of a variety of parts, each having their own particular job to do. Just because one Christian's job is not the same as mine does not mean that they are not a Christian, not called by God, not God-fearing, etc, etc, etc. They're just a finger while I tend to be more of a liver-type. I am learning to view verbal diarrhea as coming from the opposite end of the gastric system, if you know what I mean. Every body has one and it's a needed part. It just tends to stink a lot when it's expelling the mess. Yuck. I think there are just too many people who listen in awe to what's coming from that end rather then listening to the properly verbal end. Just saying...

Sorry. Being in healthcare I get too "earthy" for some people. I apologize to those who were eating while reading this.

Dorcas (aka SingingOwl) said...


No comment. ;-)