Friday, August 21, 2009

I'm Employed...and We Heard from the VA

Well, friends and cyber neighbors, SingingOwl is employed!

Some of you know that I started a teeny tiny job answering the phone and doing some filing for a couple of hours on Monday morning for a small financial services firm. This has turned into a temporary, full-time position.

How long "temporary" turns out to be depends on several factors that are unknown as of this moment. It will be a few months, anyway. I am still answering phones and filing and doing some data entry, but I am also doing something creative.

The woman who owns the firm, MW, values education for her clients and others too. Several opportunities for this have opened up, and hopefully there will be more to come. I'm developing written materials (worksheets or handouts), advertising stuff, and power points to go along with the various topics in the presentations.

It is good to be doing something creative. It is also good to be working for a woman of great integrity and ethics. Also good to have a friend working in the office too (the one who recommended me for the job in the first place).

No, it's not "ministry" in the usual way we use the word. I'm still working on getting that going. But it is good to be employed!

Several times the boss lady has said something like, "I believe God is going to use the things you are learning here and doing for me for some additional purpose. Meanwhile, you are helping me." I hope and pray that she is correct about that!

And remember when we went to the Veteran's Administration for Ken to get an evaluation? Well, we heard from the VA service rep today. He told Ken that he is rated 100% disabled. This does not mean that he cannot continue his employment, this is just for Uncle Sam's purposes. How much money we will receive is unknown at this point. Ken should find out next Friday.

We hope this means we will soon be current on the mortgage!

Not exciting to be face-to-face with the fact that he is not doing all that well physically, but exciting to think the financial pressure may be easing soon.

Thanks to those who have prayed for us.


Jeni said...

"Ministry" means much, much more than just speaking from the pulpit, visiting parishioners, preparing sermons and services. It should be considered a part of all of our lives, shouldn't it?
Good to hear you are working though -and sounds like you'll be putting many of your skills into that job. And the disability label -you're so right in that it does bring a bit of financial peace of mind and doesn't mean a person can't do ANYTHING!

Darrell Pursiful said...

I'm glad to hear things are starting to turn around for you guys!

Ruth said...

Good news in many, many ways! I'm so glad for you. Will continue to keep Ken's health in my prayers. Hopefully the disability rating with be helpful with monthly checks AND additional health care, if needed.

chartreuseova said...

Wonderful News!

Gilly said...

Great news on all fronts!

And maybe God wants you there - ministry does not mean wearing a dog-collar! (not that AOG ministers do, but you know what I mean!)

Betsy said...

Hallelujah for the unexpected ways in which God works. Ministry is doing God's work wherever you are, so I know you will be doing ministry in that office. And it would seem that Ken's disability rating is, given the checks in a time of need, a bit of redemption in a difficult circumstance.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear on both accounts. Way to hang in there, God is glorified! God bless you both.


Unknown said...

Heck... maybe a new car is in the future and some savings for the future. :)

Grady said...

Praise God on both accounts!
... and as for ministry - I'm sure you know this, but diakonos simply means service: so if you are serving someone - helping meet their needs, you are ministering. So, minister away!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the job, especially since it's creative work!