Tuesday, October 21, 2008

This and That at the Owl's Nest

Here are a few snippets of conversations from the last two weeks. They'll tell you a lot about what is happening in my world without (for once) a lot of long paragraphs from me.

Nursing Home Conversation With My Mom:

S.O. Would you like to eat something?...Change your shirt?...Sit here and talk?...
S.O.'s Mom mostly silence, maybe a head nod

Conversation With New Couple at Church:

S.O. We are glad to have you as part of our church family!
Them: We love this church...your sermons--we are learning so much...we like the worship...etc. Why is this church not bigger? This should be a big church. I've been inviting people all the time. We just really don't understand it!
S.O. Me neither.

Conversation with Daughter:

S.O. So she made an offer on your house?
Kris: Yep! And we will load the Ryder truck on Saturday and unload it into the storage area on Sunday. Will there be some people from your church who can help us?
S.O. I'm sure there will be. I announced it. And the beds are up, and the other room is ready for Trinity's crib...etc. etc.
Kris: Oh, finally Daryl has a job interview on Monday! We drop off the truck in City at the Foot of the Wisconsin Lake, and then he goes for an interview.
S.O. Hooray! Maybe this will be faster than we think, and it will good for all of us, for a while.
Kris: It will be nice to sit together around the table for meals.
S.O. Yes, it will. And we will learn some things.
Kris: You think? Heh heh heh...

Conversation with Husband:

S.O. We need to work on our tag team marriage sermon.
Hubby: Yeah. While I am home recovering from surgery and have to sit around, I can put some notes together.
S.O. Let's get this done before the kiddos move in, okay?
Hubby: Oh, yeah. Once Trinity is here it will be harder.
S.O. Enjoy the quiet while you can!
Hubby: Heh heh heh...


Lori said...

You have a lot going on!

LoieJ said...

Time of transition. My mom's sister just went voluntarily to a nursing home in Man...town. My mom is fading, no dementia, yet she takes no initiative, even in conversation, so it seems like she isn't there.

Anonymous said...

Everything seems to be happening at once...hope you get a chance to catch your breath!

much2ponder said...

busy busy busy