Sunday, January 04, 2009

Lovely Things

There were some good things, difficult things, aggravating things, funny things, and sad things about this last week. I will share some soon. Some aren't suitable for posting :-o and some should be forgotten. But here are some lovely things that are on my mind right now.

My long-time cyber friend, Psalmist, (she's a Rev Gal now but she is also part of ECA and I met her online a long time ago) was able to pick me up at the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport. This saved my cousin, Shirley, a second trip since my sis and I arrived at quite different times. Psalmist and I have joked that we are long lost sisters because there are so many things alike about us. The ride to Shirely's home was all too short--except we did stop at Whatabuger--so that extended our visit a bit. I was touched that my friend did this for me, and I only wish we could have spent more time together. Well, maybe not that night. I was not at my best, to put it mildly, but sometime. I love you very much, Psalmist, and I thank you for your kindness.

Rev Gal Mary Beth from Terrapin Station had planned on attending the funeral. Due to a family mishap, that did not happen, but even though she had other things to do she made a point of coming to Haskell on her way to her parent's home. She stopped in during the visitation time the night before the funeral. It is funny how you can know that you would "click" with a certain person. Even though I just know Mary Beth from her blog, I recognized a friend and kindred spirit. It was so kind of you, Mary Beth, to take a moment to chat with me, and to pray for me as we stood by the casket. You were an encouragement.

It was good to be with my sister, Paulette. We missed our sister, Darlaine. We cried together, but we laughed together too. Three of her five children (Michelle, Vickie and Kelly) were able to attend the funeral, and it was so good to see them. One of Darlaine's granddaughters (Sharon) lives in Texas and so she came too. What a nice surprise that was!

Those of you who know me or have read my blog for a while know that our Texas family was always so dear to Darlaine, Paulette, and me--who were the California cousins and were able to see our family only rarely. Paulette and I loved that we got to spend a little time with a few of them (Trey, Vicky, Shirley, and Pam). Poor Shirley was getting sick and so did not attend the funeral, but she shared her lovely home with us. We also were able to have short visits with two of our aunts. Both were sad to miss the funeral. Aunt Pauline (Shirley's mother) is the last of eight siblings. She is blind, and she is aged 94. Another aunt, Lee, was married to our uncle C.G. These two women are special to us.

I want to thank you, my blog reading friends, for your comments, emails, and phone calls. It really does help, I discovered, to know that people are thinking of you. The love and concern from Rev Gals and Pals, ECA friends, and others was truly a blessing to me. I appreciate you all.

I was already very tired before I left for Texas. The days at the nursing home as my mother spent her last hours, dealing with not just one but two funeral directors, arranging flights (the most stressful thing I did), arranging for some things at the church--all took a toll. Then after I arrived I had almost no sleep for days. I should have slept like a log, but I didn't and neither did my sister. Funerals are, of course, stressful too. On our last night in Texas it was after midnight when we were finally able to go to bed, and we slept soundly, but had to get up well before dawn in order to catch our flights! Arrgh. I slept for about 14 hours when I finally arrived home.

What I am saying is this--I am certain that God's grace sustained me, and I bless each of you who held me and my loved ones in prayer.

Here are a couple of pictures.

My sister, Paulette, and my nieces, Michelle, Vickie and Kelly.

Paulette and me in the middle with Deb (Trey's wife) Trey, Pam and Vicky.
Paulette and me with our grandneice, Sharon.
Clowning around with Sharon.

Our Aunt Lee, a gorgeous 82 year old, and her daughter, Vicky.

Paulette and me with our Aunt Pauline, aged 94 and the last of my mother's seven siblings. She looks like our mom, doesn't she? All the sisters looked alike because they all looked like their mother.

I think I'm going to take a nap. I can't believe I still need sleep! Thanks again, everyone.


Jules said...

I'm so glad that you are home and that you have slept. I'm very glad that you got to see your precious loved ones and that our sweet RGBP ambassador, Mary Beth, was able to meet up with you.

May you know God's Peace...

Lori said...

What a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing the pictures.


Mavis said...

Great family pics - thanks for sharing them. What a mixed Christmas season you have had. Well seasoned with RGBP friends.

LoieJ said...

Lovely pics. The really good thing about a funeral is the reconnecting and the remembering of the good and funny times.

lil kiss said...


Iris Godfrey said...

Thank you for sharing with us. It has been (and is) a joy to share prayer and thoughts with you and of you. Rest well in our Jesus.

I love the one where you are full of laughter -- you shine.

much2ponder said...

It is good to have you back and I am glad that something good came of the visit home. I prayed about that. Hey, your grandneice has you nose. lol.

Love you so much

Betsy said...

What leapt out at me from those pictures was all the warm and welcoming and loving smiles. That surely must be a gift handed down to all of you from your mother and her (many!) sisters, a gift that not only reveals your beauty inward and outward but which I am sure is a blessing to others. I pray that you are able, in brief moments, to see your mother smiling with delight at heaven's great feast.

Mary Beth said...

It was so special to meet you. I have known for a long time that you were a friend...not just an online acquaintance, but a real, true friend. I'm glad we were able to meet in person. You continued in my prayers that night and the next days.

Many blessings and much love!

Psalmist said...

((((((My Sweet Sister Singing Owl))))))

It was my honor and privilege to have such a generous portion of your time when you came to Texas. Thank you for letting me know of the need and allowing me to meet it...and in the process, meeting YOU, finally, in person.

And I concur with all who've mentioned your smile and shining spirit. Thanks for gracing me with them, even on such a tired day and under sad circumstances.

I love you, my sister.