Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A New Year's Meme

Several of the Rev Gals are doing this meme. If you'd like to play, here's what you do:
Take the first sentence of the first post of each month in 2008 and see if you notice any pattern or common theme.

I do not like the fact that how I felt as I wrote my first January 2008 post and how I feel now in January 2009 are just about the same (except that both my mother and sister have gone to eternity). What is up with that? Time for a few answers! It was good for me to note that my first post of the year and my last post of the year spoke of hope.

January Lately it seems to me that I have many questions and few answers.

My sister, Darlaine, passed on this morning.

March If you note such things...Larry Norman, the so called "Father of Christian Rock Music," passed away a few days ago.

April It was an interesting District Council.

May How I pray depends on the circumstances.

June Six weeks ago our church unveiled a beautiful new banner and I preached...

July Mommy and Daddy and Trinity are camping.

August Iris from "Manna Word" has given me an award.

September This basket of ripe peaches sat on our table...

October The Assemblies of God is providing a 31-day election prayer calendar

November Early yesterday our son, Josh, called to tell us that his...basset hound JJ...was struck by a car and killed.

December Isaiah wrote words of hope...about 700 years before Christ came to earth.


Anonymous said...

I'm in the same boat re: your January post. Come to think of it, I'm in that boat a lot...

much2ponder said...

You have just been given a very special award. Come over to my place to see what it is:)

Sally said...

interesting, I'll have to play this meme.... but I almost daren't!!!