Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rambling Thoughts on Inaguration Day

No one reads this blog to discover incisive political commentary. So much is being said and written today that I can't add much anyway. However, it is my blog, so may I just say...

I am not starry-eyed about Obama. So I surprised myself several times this morning as I watched the television coverage of the inauguration by needing a Kleenex. I hope and pray that our new president and his administration will continue to make us proud. I was proud today as I watched another peaceful, gracious, and uneventful (praise God) transfer of power.

I cheered both the Revs. Rick Warren and Joseph Lowery. Some said Warren's prayer was a tad exclusive because he prayed "in Jesus name" and because he closed with the Lord's prayer. I disagree. He is a Baptist Christian, and that is how he prays. I loved that he closed with the Lord's prayer, and I thought his prayer was gracious, inclusive, warm, and sincere. And as for United Methodist pastor and civil rights statesman, Joseph Lowery, I mean, was that prayer not wonderful? As he was praying I was smiling and thinking to myself, "People are going to want to say 'Amen' at the end" and then he pulled it off in the most remarkable way--and everybody said Amen!! It was great... So was Obama's speech--well, mostly--minus a couple of arrogant jibes I could have done without. I was surprised at its gravity, but somewhat relieved to hear it... The music played by four of the most talented (and ethnically diverse) musicians in the world was such an appropriate touch... And Michelle looked regal and Laura looked lovely...The Obama daughters are cute as can be...Did you see Aretha's hat? My Lord, only Aretha Franklin could wear such a hat--but she did it...

God have mercy on our new president. Four years from now he will be a very changed man.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever been considered for commitment to a home for the criminally naive?

Anonymous said...

Glad to read what you said here OWL- brilliant stuff :) I was shocked that so many Christians (including in RevGals) were against what Rick Warren did. I think he prayed what he ought to have prayed - he was there as a Christian and to have pretended otherwise would have been stupid!

Obama will do well as president but needs ALL our prayers - whatever our denomination! So let's do it - and focus on the very, very positive side of this.

May God not only bless America - may he bless all our nations with the desire to build the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth - with peace and justice, and goodwill to mankind!

chartreuseova said...

I liked Rev. Rick Warren's prayer too. Then when I saw so many negative remarks floating around,I wondered if I was the completely off base.

If Obama had wanted/expected something different, he could/would have chosen someone from a different faith background.

He chose Rick Warren.

And he got the best of Rick Warren.

Granted my views are skewed because I have always respected Rick Warren despite our differing beliefs on several issues. I've been seeing the initial criticisms come from Christians, it will be interesting to see what other faiths have to say.

I didn't see Rev Lowery (I'll have to go watch it), but boy did I see that hat...it even got a mention from Jay Leno as one of the 3 things you can see from space.

LoieJ said...

I got into the car, heard half of Warren's prayer. What I heard was fine. But I really don't like the way prayer is described/mentioned these days in the media. Prayer is to God, so it isn't for the rest of us to criticize the tone, etc. We may wish to ask God for other things, and nobody is stopping us from doing so on our own. Public prayer is sort of seen as a mini-sermon to the listeners, but that might depend on the church background of the pray-er.

I'm really annoyed at the common words we here on TV. After some tragic event, a public person will say something like, "We're sending out thoughts and prayers out to her." HUH???

Dorcas (aka SingingOwl) said...

LOL at Anonymous! Whatever.
Lorna and C.O., I was really dismayed at the criticism leveled at Rick Warren. I do not mean criticism from the gay rights community, I refer to criticism from those who said he should refuse the invitation because to pray would be to endorse Obama's politics. What in the world? Does the scripture not instruct us to pray for those in authority? Would he not have shown evangelical Christians to be a bunch of pompous asses if he had refused such an invitation? I too have great respect for R.W. I do not necessarily applaud everything he does or says, but then I can't think of ANYONE who I totally agree with. Yep, I agree that Obama knows who R.W. is and that is why he asked him. I am very tired of people sniping at each other.

Dorcas (aka SingingOwl) said...

P.S. I agree that public prayer is different--and I thought both of the preachers chose their words well and wisely. IMO, both were exemplary and I was proud of both of them.

As for sending our prayer out to him/her...yep, I cringe too. And I wonder sometimes if anyone who says that phrase has prayed FOR the person anyway?

Anonymous said...

I am very tired too - esp of Christians pulling each other down

No wonder Jesus' prayer was that we would be one (in faith and unity) ...not that we would be carbon copies of each other.

RW did a great job - the one the President gave him (and it was - I believe commissioned by God) - inviting him was an act of faith on Obama's part and I thank God for it.

I'm not particularly a RW fan - or otherwise - but his prayers were sincere and you got the feeling they were well prayed for beforehand.

God bless him ...God bless America --God bless us all!

Crimson Rambler said...

and I am with you heart and soul on the subject of HATS, especially Aretha's. Lord love us all. Mmmmmm-HMMMMMMMM. Made my day.

Anonymous said...

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