Monday, January 12, 2009

May I Pray for You?

Many blogging friends have been pondering 2008 and its passage into 2009. Honestly, I'm afraid to think about it much. I'm glad to see 2008 recede in the rear view mirror. Somewhere along the way I seem to have lost some things that were always a part of me--and now are not.

Next week my church and I will be spending a week in concentrated prayer. We do have a focus for each day and I will note that. But I also realized this a.m. what I am longing for (personally, just for me) more than anything else. It is hard to put into one sentence, but I did.

God knows what has transpired, and what comes next, and who I am designed to be, so...for myself I pray for renewed passion.

This applies to every area of my life.

May I pray for you next week too? If you would like, share a sentence in the comments and beginning next Sunday I will compile them and pray for each of you every day. Make this for YOU, not for your church, or the world, or you parent or whatever....what are you longing to see in your life?

Will you pray for me too?


Lori said...

Definitely. Let's swap prayers. Prayers for me to know what to do with the extraordinary mess my son and I are in. And to find a way out, alive and whole.

Anonymous said...

Jeez Louise put out a call for prayer requests and lots of people could just send you a laundry list of requests rather than the obvious painful need of this dear Presbyterian Gal. So, in an effort to keep it to ONE request, I'll ask you to pray that I successfully incorporate several spiritual disciplines into my life that I am working on. Hopefully, that will take care of all the requests ipso facto! LOL. I continue to pray for you but thank you for this focus. I know the passion is in is probably just taking a much needed rest and is poised to break loose at the right time. (((Dorcas))) love, Mo

Cody said...

God bless you, SingingOwl. You never cease to amaze me. I will pray for you--please let me know specifics if you'd like.

As for me, could you please pray for grace and peace regarding the situation that you and I talked about via email a few weeks ago?

God is Love,


Anonymous said...

Discipline B.E.

Psalmist said...

I will certainly pray for you as you ask, dear one.

Would you please pray that I grow in my discernment and my obedience to God?


Jeni said...

Well, I guess that is fair that you ask if you can pray for me and will I pray for you. However, just wanted to let you know, I already include you in my prayers -every time I scroll down my favorites list on my blog reader and see your name there, I send up a little prayer for you -general prayer type usually unless there is something a bit on the rocky side in your life that I am aware of and then, I change it to include that in my prayers for you.
For myself -just that I'm able to continue to be with my grandkids here, to watch them, see them grow, advance through their issues, for as long as the Good Lord will allow me.

Ruth said...

You are always in my prayers! Right now I would appreciate prayers that I overcome the negativity of my last relationship so I can appreciate the blessings of the positives in my new one. It's far too easy for me to fall back into old patterns when the new is nothing like the old.

You know, when one has completely depleted their store of passion in taking care of all that transpired over the past year, it's okay to feel empty. The cistern will re-fill in time. Just don't try to empty every drop as it comes in. Let yourself fill up again at your own rate and hold on to it until there's enough to spill over on others. Then you'll know the passion is available for you to give again. It's okay to wait for that. (My $1.98 worth!)

((((( hugs )))))

Theresa Coleman said...

Prayer swap -- I like it.

Renewed focus. Avoid "fluff" in my words.

Auntie Knickers said...

Thank you! I'd like prayer for mindfulness -- so that I don't waste the gift of time. And I will pray for passion for you.

Iris Godfrey said...

Please, and thank you. It is a joy to include you in my prayers.

For me, renewed spiritual and physical strength. The heart can "sag" when the physical energy gets too low.

Bless you. I am praying for you!

Anonymous said...

I will pray for your renewed passion, and you can pray that I find mine :)

At the moment, my prayers are of thanksgiving that I have a job, when many others I know are struggling.

Betsy said...

What a wonderful idea; it lifts my spirit just to think about this. So I will hold you in prayer next week (and your congregation, as you undertake this journey with one another) and I ask for prayers to trust in God at a time when everything seems frighteningly out of control.

BTW, I am still an Angeleno; this is the time of year, with 85 degree temps, when I wouldn't mind some winter but am glad to have it limited to snow on the San Gabriels!

Lori said...

P.S. I have a friend award for you at my place.

doodlebugmom said...

I stop by your blog once in a blue moon. When I saw the title of your post, I got a little lump in my throat.

I will say yes,please. And thank you. I am dealing with chronic pain and a not so great insurance company. Could you offer a prayer of just a little less stress for me?

thank you, and bless you.


Anonymous said...

I've been enjoying your blog for a few months. Thank you for wanting to pray for those of us who are readers. Would you pray that God will be my provider as I face a very uncertain future.

"And Lord will you bless this one who has said that she will pray for others. May the zeal of the Lord burn brightly in her life. Amen"

Thank you and God bless

Sista Cala said...

I too would like a renewed passion regarding life in general and then more specifically; fulfilling His call on my life.

Seems that I have found a comfortable little rut and have lost the passion to press on to claim new ground for the Kingdom. Thank you for this opportunity to share my request.

much2ponder said...

Thank you my precious sister and friend for offering it pray.

For myself I ask this...that the Lord would become more real in my life; that I would gain new understanding and insight concerning his heart for me and that I would begin to hear the music that he has placed deep within my heart and live my life according to it.

I love you and I am praying my prayer for you too in addition to the renewed passion you ask for:)

Dr Laura Marie Grimes said...

Praying for your intention, Singing Owl, and so grateful that you would offer to do this. I need prayers that I would draw very close to God's love through faithful prayer and that that would guide all the discernment I am undertaking.

seethroughfaith said...

Please pray for my travels in the next few weeks (until mid Feb) ... and that I can hear God clearly as He calls me.


Mary Beth said...

I will be praying for you as you pray and discern this week - for renewed passion, for clear direction and vision of God's plan for you.

And along with you for all the folks who've written in.

Please keep my parents in your they age and feel frustrated by their limitations and health failures. Thank you!!!!

Deb said...

I count it a blessing to pray for you. And will continue to do so. Grief, as one of my spiritual mentors says, is best digested in small bites. Which means it takes a while. Prayers for gentle, "small bites" of grief for you this week.

Please pray for God's continued direction and discernment for my husband and I regarding my present and any future pastoral assignments, that we will be of one mind and one heart in Christ.



Anonymous said...