Sunday, February 22, 2009

Life Marches On

Today the pastor who will be serving as the interim at my soon-to-be-former-church came to preach a sermon. He won't be "official" until after I am gone, but this gave folks a chance to hear and meet him before I am gone.

I was snowed in at my daughter's! So I didn't show up till he had started the sermon. But the part I heard was great....a sweeping (Old and New Testaments) look at God's amazing grace. One line that I recall is, "We are not seeking victory. We live and move in the victory that God's love provides."

Afterwards I gave him and his wife a quick tour of the church building. And he said, "I was so happy to see all the young people! And there is a good feeling here, a good spirit...these are good folks here."

Yep. I am proud of my little flock. Last year at this time I could not say that. I rejoice that I could say with total honesty, "Yes. We have come through some deep waters, but they are ready for what comes next." I believe it is true. Thanks be to God.

I was comfortable most of the service, though it did feel strange to be sitting in a chair near the back. (We came in late, remember.) Only at one moment did I feel the sadness and finality of that. A wave of grief washed over me, but it was soon gone.


Betsy said...

Hooray for transitions that feel right; it lets you know that the pain of the transition is not a sign of disease, but (I hope) more like labor pains for you and for the congregation. Rejoice that God gave you the gifts to lead this congregation to their current healthy condition! And then start dreaming of enchiladas and fajitas :-)

much2ponder said...

((((((((SO)))))))things are happening sort of fast and I know transition can be difficult, but you have been a wonderful testament of the very thing that pastor stated.

"We are not seeking victory. We live and move in the victory that God's love provides."

Your willing heart has opened you up to an extra helping of grace and you wear it well. You are living and moving in the victory that God provides.

I love you!

Lori said...

I suspect equally wondrous times are ahead for you.

Rev Kim said...


LoieJ said...

Are you guys moving too?

Dorcas (aka SingingOwl) said...

No, we aren't moving. Since my husband is not leaving his position as a chaplain at a state prison, and I don't know what I'm going to do, there is no reason to try to move at present. Just as well, since the housing market is what it is...or isn't. It will feel a bit strange to live in the same town but not be a pastor.