Wednesday, February 04, 2009

This and That at the Owl's Nest

I will be sharing something significant soon, but until then:

The group Barenaked Ladies are not women. They are guys. And they ROCK! Who knew? (Thanks, Josh.)

Being a grandmother is a wonderful thing. Especially when one's grandchild is the cutest and smartest toddler on the planet. Well, seriously, Trinity just had her number two birthday in January, and a well-baby checkup last week. She is way tall for her age. It looks like she is going to be a lefty. She is healthy and she is smart. I mean, she scares me, a little! She has a wonderful mommy, however. I am proud of my daughter. I am so happy that they relocated from the Twin Cities to about 10 miles from our house!

I have officially reached the longing-for-spring grumpy outlook that occurs with me every year about this time. It is cold...sub zero cold...outside and, groundhog not withstanding, there is still much more than six weeks of winter in store. Sigh. Lord, give me strength.

I am preaching better than I have in a long time. Something extraordinary was taking place in church last Sunday. No, I have no idea why.

It is possible to have one's heart break again and again and again, and yet still smile and move on by God's grace. This morning was one for me. I could have gone a long time without hearing some of what I heard...

Ah, *&%$, I have to have another colonoscopy.

My blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. are good. My weight is not. Oh, surprise, surprise!

I miss my mom. I miss my sister. I feel disconnected.

I still don't care about football.


Jeni said...

There have been times over the past six years when I thought of the word Colonoscopy as possibly the worst thing in the whole wide world. There were times when prepping for one of 'em that I really did kind of wish for sudden death, get me out of this kind of self-inflicted misery. No -I don't like them any better today but I do know, quite well, what a lifesaving test they are and therefore, I do tolerate them. Just know someone else feels/shares your pain in that deal!
And the other items giving you the "disconnected" feelings -unfortunately another of things we all must pass through on our journey. About all I've found to help there is faith (and that I know you have) and savor the memories, of which you have many.
Peace, my friend.

Iris said...

I'm excited to hear your news when you're ready to share it!

Lori said...

Now you have me on the edge of my seat with curiosity!

Yay for your granddaughter being so close!! And your daughter.

Phooey on the colonoscopy. Here, I'll help you cheat ::::::::::::

believer333 said...

I only care about football for short spurts. Watching them beat each other up over catching that ball has its limits. LOL

Great to hear you are feeling a special anointing in your preaching. Probably God has been working up to it and now's the time.

love ya, Sis!

Anonymous said...

Well my dear Dorcas I don't know how or why you have the impression that Trinity is the cutest/smartest little girl on the planet when you haven't met my little granddaughter Rachael! (grin) As for the colonoscopy...bleah! I think I can understand a bit of what you must be feeling. I go April 6th to my oncologist for my 3rd year post-breast cancer check-up. Last year they found new lumps in my left breast but were quite positive that they were not malignant and so we did not do a biopsy. I'm afraid I can now feel them and putting pressure on them hurts. I hope I'll be able to get the all-clear again. Your sister and mom haven't been gone that long....that you should feel pangs of longing to see them/talk to them/tell them things, is so very natural. Believe me, eventually the memories will come without the pain but sadly, we can't rush the healing that requires time. You are in my prayers and I am especially praying for you & this Sunday. I wish I could get your sermons on tape! Are they available? I'd pay! (smile) love, Maureen

believer333 said...

That's a great idea Maureen. I would love to hear The Owl's sermon's.... just a few!!

Anonymous said...

I think I'm ready for spring as well.

I have been disconnected in various ways for a long time, it seems. I hope you will find new connections.

Gayle A. Brostowski said...

As I've been reading your blog for the last few months, I feel I'm getting to know you better. Several years ago, I lost my Mom and since then have often felt that feeling of disconnection. In many ways, when you lose a loved one, that feeling of loss can spring up at any time. I'm grateful that we have a Savior to lean on in such times.
The weight isssue....ugh! I used to be so skinny in my early 20's but my late 30's and 40's caught up with me and here I am carrying around all this extra weight. I wish vacuum cleaners did more than just such up dirt.
May the Lord shine on you today with His grace and peach.

Rev SS said...

I'm curious and excited to hear our news too, as I hope and pray for good memories and new connections

Michael said...

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