Friday, March 14, 2008

It's an Almost Palm Sunday (Yikes!) Friday Five

Mother Laura from Rev. Gals is struggling a bit with adjusting to Daylight Savings Time. She's astounded (aren't we all!) that Palm Sunday is arriving in two days. And she's also been thinking about the Gregorian Calendar. So she offers us these questions about time and transitions,to help us "adjust and enjoy the process." Hmmm...think it'll work? I have my doubts, but on with the questions..

1. If you could travel to any historical time period, which would it be, and why?

Oh, that is a tough one, because I find many periods of history fascinating. I would not like returning to a time when women were disregarded, at best, but other than that I think I'd like to visit Colonial America. Or, of course, I'd like to travel back to Jesus' time so I could see the human, son-of-Mary version. Or then again I could just go back a short time to 1967 and meet Ken all over again.

2. What futuristic/science fiction development would you most like to see?

You know the thingy that Dr. McCoy used in Star Trek? That little clicking box that both diagnosed and healed in a matter of moments? That would be fabulous. Then again, the transporter would be really cool too.

3. Which do you enjoy more: remembering the past, or dreaming for the future?

I'm sentimental, and I get nostalgic, I must confess. However, I got positively gloomy tonight watching PBS' broadcast of Bob Dylan at the Newport Folk Festival in '63, '64 and '65. It was fun for a bit seeing the Dylan of the photo, the skinny boy from Minnesota, and watching his evolution from newly-discovered Woodie Guthrie wanna-be to songwriter to folk rocker...and the historic transition from acoustic to electric...and so on. I enjoyed it for a bit, and then the announcer said, "This is wonderful footage, and just think, it happened almost 50 years ago yet we can watch it today...yada yada yada... Yikes! That did it. I am OLD! Gotta dream for the FUTURE! Otherwise you become a fossil!

4. What do you find most memorable about this year's Lent?

It seems to have happened too fast. It feels like we went from Christmas straight to Lent, and I felt disoriented. This has been the longest winter I recall since leaving North Dakota after graduation from Trinity, and that was years ago. I just want the dark to be gone, and the victory and the new life to come. Physically, emotionally and spiritually. I'm not there yet, but hoping.

5. How will you spend your time during this upcoming Holy Week? What part do you look forward to most?

I have planned some different kinds of things at church this year. In the early part of the week, just for myself, I want to read a chronological account of the time from Palm Sunday till Easter. I'm looking for my "Harmony of the Gospels" and can't find it. Anyway, Thursday we will have a candlelight communion and consecration service which I am hoping will be significant in helping us move on together as a church. Friday I'll take part in an ecumenical Good Friday service, as I do each year. This one will be a Tennabrae. And then--Resurrection Sunday and joyful music and a church full of the sight and aroma of flowers. It will brighten all of our spirits, even if there is snow on the ground outside the windows!


Jeni said...

I always enjoy reading your posts even though I don't always comment.But your last line -about Easter services, the sight of flowers, the scent of them too -how it brings our senses to life in so many ways, even if there is snow on the ground. And that reminded me about an Easter Sunday several years back here when Easter fell in late March (later though than this year) and on Easter Sunday morning, we had a heavy freezing rain -so much so that only a few were able to make it out of their houses and to the service! Snow I can abide -and after all, it's white and pretty (even if it does cause other side problems), but freezing rain -cross your fingers and toes and hope nothing like that comes along on Easter Sunday this year!

Auntie Knickers said...

Oh, Singing Owl, you said it so well about remembering the past and dreaming of the future -- and you are so right. Here's to having dreams for the future even for those of us who can remember acoustic, baby-faced Dylan!

Rev. Dr. Laura Marie Grimes said...

I said the transporter from Star Trek, but forgot about the little hospital-in-a-box.

May the light and joy of resurrection come to you soon. (((Singing Owl)))

Maria Tafoya said...

Thanks for reminding me about the flowers. Our sanctuary will be filled with Easter Lilies and sooo beautiful. Sadly, I'm allergic to them so my PDA says "Easter Morning - Take Allergy Medication!" :-(

LutheranChik said...

The hospital-in-a-box thing was great, wasn't it.

Last night on the news they were talking about "smart" appliances of the future -- how, say, our toilets will one day be able to conduct urinalysis and so forth, to give us continual feedback/helpful information regarding maintaining/regaining health. I'm not sure if that's exciting or scary.

Unknown said...


revkjarla said...

I ditto auntie knickers. Thank you for your thoughtful, lovely post. Flowers...I love that too..and I like your tulip picture!

Rev. Sharon said...

Oh, excellent play... and you mentioned/showed Dr. McCoy too!!! YAY!!! What a lovely man, both the character and the actor... thanks for your play!

Jeanine Byers said...

I am doing what you said--reading through the accounts of that week as I read the Last Week, by Marcus Borg.

It has been wonderful!

It's amazing that no matter how many times I read it, I notice different things each time.

Anonymous said...

I'd like the beam me up scottie possibiliity myself - then I could zip over and see you face to face :)

Deb said...

That clicker thing is a tricorder. :) I want one too. how funny with all of these trekkie answers!


Dorcas (aka SingingOwl) said...

Yeah, I know! I think the tricorder was their communication device (cell phone meets walkie talkie). The little medical thing had to have a name though?