Monday, September 25, 2006

The Amish Farmer

I just thought this picture was so good I would share it and brag a little. The photographer is my daughter, Kris.

There are Amish communities in Wisconsin and Minnesota. This picture was taken not far from the Twin Cities. Kris said she was driving, and she noticed the horses first. Then she slowed down and saw the farmer. She quickly pulled over and called out to him, "Beautiful horses!" and he smiled and waved as he continued plowing. She commented, "This could be a picture from the past. I almost felt like I was the one who was somehow misplaced in time."

If you live in Minnesota and need a photographer, here is a website. It has not been updated in several years though--and I take no responsibility for the picture of Kris. ;-) The pictures posted there now are mostly shirtless guys, but she has lots of beautiful wedding photos and landscapes and other things. She is hoping to update it soon.

In addition to freelance photography, she works here part time.

End of commercial.

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LoieJ said...

Nice picture! I saw some of the Amish buggy caution signs along the roads in Wisconsin, but I never saw any buggys on the roads nor horse drawn farm vehicles in the fields. But I was almost always on the four lane roads due to the distances I had to travel.

I followed the links to the photographs. Really special!

I'm back home. Worn out. Sis & I need to make lots of decisions for the future....parallel to your family situation. It didn't help that the lawyer gave contradictory advice since the last visit...all at $175/hour.

I also attended a 90th birthday party this past weekend.