Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Posts on Women in Ministry and Marriage and Work

No time for coherent thought or blogging this a.m., but I did a little surfing last night and found some worthwhile reading.

Jesus Creed is beginning a series on Women in Ministry. It promises to be lengthly but interesting and worthwhile.

From there I went to Ruth Tucker's (author of "Daughters of the Church") website and read, with mounting sorrow and anger, her account of how she left Calvin Theological Seminary. It is very disturbing.

And one more post of note (shorter this time) is from John Trott. He writes of Albert Mohler's response to the recent dismissal of Mary Lambert from her positon as Sunday School teacher.

The direction of my former denomination, the Southern Baptist Convention, continues to dismay and anger me. It is despicable to make Pastor LeBouf a poster boy for biblical correctness and use it as yet another springboard to slap women who dare to think they can lead. Yes, I said despicable.

Jesus, help your Church.


Anonymous said...

I'm telling you, the answer is simple. We'll start our own church. I'll get the people in the doors, you, DP, QP, and a few others have the preaching covered, I know we had a music director on the list, Sehlat has the camera, Ruthie is our secret weapon, after a few of her meals, they'll be back again and again, Galina and Ruud have the foreign translations covered. Play to everyones strengths. And you should see what I have up my sleeve for our church festival.


Dorcas (aka SingingOwl) said...

I'll bet! ;-) Psalmist is the Music Director. Find her at "The Psaltry" (see sidebar). What fun we would have, huh?

LoieJ said...

Jesus Creed also had an extensive discussion on Aug 30, 2006 on this topic with almost 200 comments.

chartreuseova said...

Whether you are writing about your personal experiences, theological beliefs, or just tossing out links to interesting articles; I always end up leaving your blog with something to think about.

Yesterday, was no different. That's partly why I was awake this morning before 5 much to think about.