Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Historical Camp at Jubilee Church

The collage is a sample of something we did at church this past weekend. (I'm not sure why it chopped off the top of so many heads.)

A while back we decided that since quite a few of us are interested in reenacting (thanks to my husband) we should turn this into an outreach/event. After plastering three towns with posters and other advertisements, we erected two tipis and 6 other lodges in a small 1820-style camp and invited the town. We had demonstrations of fur-trade era skills, held kids games that were true to the period (anyone ever played "Graces?"), threw tomahawks at a target, and told stories and had fun around a campfire at night. Our special guest, the man in the lower right corner, was "Jacques LaChristian: the French Voyaguer." He kept us all laughing with his French Canadian accent and his tall tales. (In reality his name is David and he is from Minnesota.)

Sunday morning we held our worship service outdoors. Rain was forecast, but you can see from the pictures that the day was clear and beautiful. We did not have as many townspeople visit our encampment as we had hoped, but we did have many visitors join us on Sunday morning and many indications of God's Holy Spirit working in lives. It was a good start to what we plan to make an annual event.

Does it look like a fun way to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

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Here is a close up of Janques LaChristian, and below is a picture of some of those in attendance Sunday morning.


Unknown said...

This does look like a great way to share the gospel. I like it.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a lot of fun!

chartreuseova said...

Wow, I wish we could have been there. The last few years Little Sprout & I have done a mother-daughter vacation. Haven't scheduled one for this year yet. We're still debating Fond du Lac, LaCrosse, or coming up with somewhere else.

Maybe next year.

Truth said...

Certainly looks fun to me.

Anonymous said...

That's Great.