Sunday, September 10, 2006

For the Blessing List Mentioned Below: MUSIC

A few days ago my mother was very 'bad." She could not hold a thought for more than 30 seconds or so, and she knew something was very wrong. She was afraid, and crying, and so I was crying as well. :-( My mother is a classic southern "steel magnolia." She does not cry. Usually.

I left and picked my husband up for a short drive to our former church. The Imperials were presenting a concert. Do you remember the Imperials? Their heyday was the 70s and early 80s. Founded by southern gospel legend, the late Jake Hess, the Imperials were a phenomenon in the gospel music world because they combined their southern gospel roots with a contemporary sound that was cutting edge at the time..

"Sail on, when the water gets high, sail on when the wind starts to die...sail on"

"I listen to the trumpet of Jesus while the world hears a different sound. I march to the drumbeat of God Almighty...While some others just wander around..I hear the voice of a supernatural singer like only those who know Him can..."

"Oh, let the Wind blow...blow as hard as it can..."

The Imperials faded from the scene as the group members left or aged. They are back, four young guys carrying on the tradition. They sang the standards, blending their voices in some great old-time harmony. Then they sang some new material and rocked the house! They were more than entertaining however. They ministered to my heart in a badly needed way. I cried and laughed and sang and worshipped.

God is good. Today's thanks is for the gift of music. What would my life be without music? I don't want to think about it! Check out the new Imperials here if you like southern gospel with an updated sound. I recommend the new album--the first from the new group.

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Carolanne said...

I remember the Imperials - I probably started listening to them about 1980. Your song, and the links take me back. I still have their LPs - not sure how many but don't think I have any on CD.
They used to be one of my favourite groups! Thanks for the memories!