Monday, September 11, 2006

Rainy Day Conversation

On the way to a chiropractic appointment this morning, the conversation in the car went something like this:

Mom: Those clouds sure do look rainy.

S.O. Yep. Actually, it is raining right now.

Mom: My hand looks awful (pulling dressing back to inspect her palm)!

S.O. You need to stop pulling on the dressing, okay?

Mom: My back sure is painful (wincing). It hurt bad all night.

S.O. Remember we've talked about this? When you are in pain you can ask the nurse and they will give you something for it.

Mom: I don't have anything.

S.O. I know. Just ask the nurse. She will have some.

Mom: Those clouds sure look dark and rainy.

S.O. Yes, but it is raining. That's good because we really need rain. .

Mom: My hand sure looks terrible(pulling dressing back to inspect her palm).

S.O. Please stop pulling on the dressing,okay? Every time you do that you pull on the wound a little.

Mom: I can look at my hand if I want to. It hurts. And my back hurts.

S.O. Remember, ask and they will give you something for pain.

Mom: Who will?

S.O. The nurse who brings your medications. She will have some Tylenol.

Mom: Those clouds look like rain clouds.

S.O. Yes, they sure do. In fact, it is raining right now. See the drops on the windshield?

Variations of this conversation are repeated several more times over the next ten minutes. Then...

Mom: Oooooh, my back is so sore.

S.O. (Trying something different) back kind of hurts too. Maybe it is the damp weather.

Mom: Did you take some Tylenol?


Mom: Well I guess next time I'll just have to remind you.


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of my great grandpa. Something reminded him of his first grade teacher. This lead to a long story about funny things that happened in school that year... which finally ended in a sad story about his teacher... which reminded him of the first part of the story. So he started telling the whole thing again. And again.

Chris said...

Bless her heart! AND yours!

Gram loved to look at pictures. I took her about 15 to look at of when she and I were much younger. She started with the first one, commented on it, and went through the entire stack. When she came around to the first one again, same comment...and repeated the same comments for the next 14 until she came around to the first one, at which point it started all over again.

I think that one stack of pictures would have kept her occupied until the next day if I'd let her continue. She got just as much joy out of it the fifteenth time through as she did the first time through, so I hated having to take them away from her when I left!

net said...

Bless you, Singing Owl!

LoieJ said...

Oh, my.......goodness.

GingerBarryBrandt said...

This conversation is so sweet.... crazy and frustrating and all sorts of other things, too -- I get, I get! But it's sweet. Because I can read the love in it.

It is the only the highest calling that allows one to say, "well, next time I'll just have to remind you."

Hugs and prayers from far-off places as you cope and God works. (It helps to blog things, huh? Maybe that's one way God works here...)

Grace and Peace be to you.