Saturday, October 28, 2006

California Dreamin' Part I

I just watched the sun, looking like a large red ball, set over the Pacific. I don't have my camera so I couldn't take a picture. Unfortunately, the sun looks so beautiful and red because of the smoke in the air from the fires burning in Southern California. We are not near them, but the smoke is evident for a long way.

We will be heading back home tomorrow morning but won't arrive until the evening. It has been mostly a good trip, mostly peaceful, mostly relaxing. (I just experiences a half hour of theraputic massage and the massuese commented, "You don't need a half hour of massage. You need at least two since it seemed to take you the whole half hour just to relax.") There have been some wrenching moments as well and some questions for which we have no answers. I think I learned some things too.

We're off to find a Mexican restaurant, and then to bed so we can get up early. I hear it is cold in Wisconsin. We have been wearing shorts and t shirts all week.

I'd like to stay another week. Life, however, goes on!


LoieJ said...

I missed you again...but I'll be back in your area in a couple of weeks.

Jules said...

Don't feel too bad for was 65 degees today!