Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday Five -- "Creature Comforts"

Rev Gals and Pals "Reverendmother" says...

Maybe it's the arrival of crisp October, my favorite month. Or maybe it's the fact that the divine little miss m has been sick all week (and if the baby ain't happy, ain't nobody happy). Whatever the reason, my thoughts have been turning to cozy creature comforts--those activities and spaces that just make a person feel good. And so...

So here are my answers

1. Comfort beverage

It depends. Something hot...spiced cider, hot chocolate, coffee with cream...

2. Comfort chair

I wish I had one! I hate our present furniture. I tend to curl up when needing comfort...feet beside me, or at least up on a footstool. I'd love a big cushy chair to do this in.

3. Comfort read

For just relaxing and "escaping" I can't do better than a good historical novel.

4. Comfort television/DVD/music

No such thing as comfort televesion. Maybe an old Disney classic, if I'm curled up with a cup of somthing hot and a blanket. Comfort music--oh yeah! That too depends on the situation. It could be one of the beautiful "Our Daily Bread" instrumental C.D.s. I love them. Or something from "Deep Forest" or "Clannad." Or a worship C.D. Or something old like Nat King Cole or Peter Paul and Mary. New things and new music are good, but not usually comforting. Sometimes something really "up" can be comforting too, in an odd way. I feel better, sometimes, when I put something on the CD player that I can crank up. But my husband doesn't like it, and my mom hates I don't get to do that often.

5. Comfort companion(s)

My sister, if she lived here, and was not an Alzheimer's victim. My sister, as she used to be, was the most comforting, safe person in my world. My husband, depending on the day and the situation. My daughter (same as previous). My friend Pat.


Jeni said...

I try to check your blog throughout the week as I find your comments bring me a great deal of peace.

Yesterday could be called a big bad Friday the 13th for me as I received a medical diagnosis that was not very good on one hand but depending on one's point of view, can also be construed as a good one as it marks the beginning of a new road I must follow now.

I am trying to maintain a postive outlook and feel I do have the Faith necessary to do that. I'm also trying to show that side to my children, extended family and friends as well.

So, in essence, I'm trying to "make lemonade" now! It might not be what I wanted right now - still lots of things I'd like to do - but I plan to do what I can, when I can and enjoy the sights along the way.

Again, thank you for your inspiration and a means for affirmation to me of my Faith as well.

Peace - and comfort - may they be ours in whatever manner you find them.

Ruth A. Tucker said...

Who are you? Where in Wisconsin? Just curious.

Ruth A. Tucker said...

Email me, if you can catch a minute, at

Dorcas (aka SingingOwl) said...

Jeni, thank you so much for sharing such a lovely comment with me. It makes my heart glad on a very difficult day.

And Ruth, I just emailed you!