Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Pastor Appreciation Month is Here

The Pastor's Retreat Network asked me to post this. I am only too happy to oblige! They are providing a wonderful service for pastors by allowing us to get away for a week of rest, rejuvination--and great food too. All for free. I'm anticipating my second visit sometime early next year. Check them out.

12 Ways to Appreciate Your Pastor

When we look at our pastor or minister what do we see? A spiritual giant? Someone who can go it alone? Someone who works a day and a half a week? A servant of the congregation? Someone who does it all?

The truth is that clergy are real people with real families, dreams, needs, desires and gifts. And like all of us, they shine best in situations where they are appreciated and supported. Here are a dozen ways you can bring out the best in your pastor:

1 Write a note of appreciation.

2 Pray for your pastor regularly.

3 Stop the rumor mill.

4 Invite him or her out to lunch, golfing, or some other shared interest, without an agenda.

5 Offer to babysit the kids so pastor and spouse can have an evening together; even better, offer them a gift certificate to a restaurant they enjoy.

6 Honor his or her day off – allow time for rest, personal renewal and family time.

7 In times of loss, offer sympathy, care and practical help.

8 Consider holidays and other family days – if the pastor is far from their family of origin, invite them to your celebration – no strings attached.

9 Ask him or her how you can help and then follow through.

10 Tell him or her what you’ve learned from their sermon.

11 Go to http://parsonage.org/cam/index.cfm for ideas on how to celebrate your minister during Pastor Appreciation Month.

12 Consider a sabbatical time for your pastor and find a way to provide one as needed.

Pastors Retreat Network provides pastors and their spouses with a five-day, self-directed retreat experience that is free of charge. It is a time to rest, spiritually renew, and reconnect with God and spouse. Consider how an experience like this might benefit your minister. For more information, please visit our Web site -- http://www.pastorsretreatnetwork.com/


LoieJ said...

I copied your list and posted it to my blog with a story of pastor appreciation that became the seeds for many positive interactions.

Jules said...

I'm going to Cedarly week after next!

Unknown said...

Singing Owl, I mentioned something about this being Pastor Appreciation month and was told by the secretary that they usually do something for the Pastor. Thanks for listing this.

Donna Jackson said...

Pastor's Appreciation Day is coming up in October. Please feel free to check out Pastor's Song by Donna Jackson at www.donnajackson.org or visit www.youtube.com to order an accompaniment CD for your choir or a soloist to sing to honor your Pastor. Thank YOU friends!

God Bless You,

Tracey Stone
Donna Jackson Ministries