Monday, October 09, 2006

A Walk in the Woods

Saturday my husband and I did some chores and then headed to a nearby town to pick up some items we need for home repair. My mom came along for the drive--and we got totally distracted by the fall colors. They are not at "peak" in our area yet, but they are beautiful anyway.

This road leads through the woods to a ski hill. In other seasons it becomes a lovely place to sit and pray, to ponder, to picnic or just to look over the nearby town.

That is what Ken and Mom are doing as they sit on a small bench. I went for a walk and snapped this picture on the way back to them.

This is what they saw.

And this.

Then I c
oaxed my mother to join us for a walk through the trees. We found a fairly level little path, and she trekked through the woods with her walker. The leaves were a mix of green and golden. In a week or so there will be no green left, but the mix of colors stiil was lovely and the weather was great. "It sure has been a long time since I've been this deep in the woods!" said my mother.

Sadly, she now has no memory of any of this.

But I do.


Chris said...

Don't you just ADORE Fall??

I'm so glad your mother was able to get out and about in this beautiful season. Continued prayers for you as you deal with the stress this brings, and continued thankfulness you are able to enjoy this time!

jo(e) said...

Beautiful. We've been enjoying the fall foliage here too.

Unknown said...

I love your pictures. We just haven't had them yet, I guess because of too little rain. Glad your mom got out with you also.